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Les samples de Gangsta boo

gangsta boo
Rap UsEvil mind gangsta'sGet it strait
Bill withersWho is he (and what is he to you)?
Rap UsEvil mind gangsta'sGot to get paid
Eric b. & rakimPaid in full
Rap UsEvil mind gangsta'sI wish u would
James brownThe payback
Rap UsEvil mind gangsta'sLivin on the edge
Average white bandSchool boy crush
Rap UsGangsta blacI dont feel ya
Al greenSomething
Rap UsGangsta blacDon't trust em'
Marvin gayeFalling in love again
Rap UsGangsta blacPowder
24 carat blackIn the ghetto
Rap UsGangsta blacWanna guess
Lamont dozierShine
Rap UsGangsta blacCrank dis bitch up
John carpenterHalloween theme
Rap UsGangsta blac ft. lord infamous Ain't no love
Isley brothersMake me say it again girl
Rap UsGangsta booHard not 2 kill
Demonic soundscapesStalker
Rap UsGangsta booMask 2 my face
John carpenterEscape from new york theme
Rap UsGangsta booLove don't live
Rose royceLove don't live here anymore
Rap UsGangsta booM-town representatives
Mark mancina Main title heist
Rap UsGangsta booVictim of yo own shit
The vince tempera orchestraSeven notes in black
Rap UsGangsta boo I'll be the other woman
Soul children I'll be the other woman
Rap UsGangsta booMy ex-boyfriend
Michael jacksonThe lady in my life
Rap UsGangsta booBodies (feat. ethel wolf & lachat)
Drowning poolBodies
Rap UsGangsta booMoney on my mental
Shirley basseyDiamonds are forever
Rap UsGangsta boo & beatkingDollar signs
RihannaPour it up
Rap UsGangsta boo feat. juicy jGood hi
Jerry goldsmithDeep rising theme
Rap UsGangsta boo ft chris travisMoney on my mental
Shirley basseyDiamonds are forever
Rap UsGangsta patI'm tha gangsta
D.o.c.It's funky enough
Rap UsGangsta patI wanna smoke
Michael jacksonThe lady in my life
Rap UsGangsta patShake somethin'
Bob jamesTake me to the mardi gras
Rap UsGangsta rhyme posseLivin in da point
ParliamentFlash light
Rap UsGangsta rhyme posseOn da unda
MtumeJuicy fruit
Rap UsGangsta rhyme posseKickin' real shit
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsIndo-g feat. gangsta boo Remember me ballin
Curtis mayfieldGive me your love
Rap UsKingpin skinny pimp & gangsta blac Blaze up anotha one
Stevie wonderPast time paradise

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