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Les samples de Full metal jacket

full metal jacket
Rap UsFull clipWho'z ridin
Ohio playersFunky worm
Rap UsFull forceSo unselfish (it's okay,it's okay)
Billy squierThe big beat
Rap UsFull forceType rider
Big daddy kaneSet it off
Rap UsFull forceType rider
QueenBohemian rhapsody
Rap UsFull forceType rider
QueenUnder pressure
Rap UsFull forceAlice, i want you just for me
Funk inc.Kool is back
Rap UsFull forceUnselfish lover
Billy squierThe big beat
Rap UsFull forceAll i wanna do...
NwaStraight outta compton
Rap UsFull forceAll i wanna do...
Afrika bambaataaPlanet rock
Rap UsFull forceAll i wanna do...
Rap UsFull forceAll i wanna do...
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Rap UsFull forceAll i wanna do...
First choiceLet no man put asunder
Rap UsFull forceI appreciate you
Isley brothersFootsteps in the dark
Elec. Tech.Full intention La musique
Keni burke You're the best
Elec. Tech.Full intention Spanish hustle
Fatback band Spanish hustle
ReggaeFull woodStop and think it over
Barbara acklinAm i the same girl
Rap UsMetal carterPagliaccio di ghiaccio
FalcoRock me amadeus
Rap UsMetal fingersHorehound
Joe raposoFunky chimes
Rap UsMetal fingersBurdock root
Bobby mcferrinMoondance
Rap UsMetal fingersDragon's blood
Ray ellisDimentia 5
Rap UsMetal fingersLicorice
Harrell and sharron luckyPease porridge hot
Rap UsMetal fingersRed 40
CerroneRocket in the pocket (live)
Rap UsMetal fingers and vast aireDatura stramonium
Ray ellisFat albert halloween special

Les artistes qui ont samplé Full metal jacket

Elec. Tech.Mr. flashDomino part a
Full forceAll in my mind
Rap Us2 live crewMe so horny
Full metal jacket # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.Congress40 miles
Full moonAllelujh
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkNot so young anymore (byte 2)
Full moonMalibu
Rap UsCunninlynguistsHypnotized
Heavy metal kidsRun around eyes
Rap UsAction bronson & party suppliesContemporary man
Lisa lisa & cult jam & full forceI wonder if i take you home
Rap UsFabolous feat lil'moTake you home
Lisa lisa & cult jam and full forceI wonder if i take you home
Rap UsMac millerNikes on my feet (video version)
My morning jacketWorldless chorus

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