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Les samples de Anis

Pop VarietAlanis morissetteAll i really want
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Pop VarietAlanis morissetteHead over feet
James brownFunky drummer
Pop VarietAlanis morissetteYou learn
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Pop VarietAlanis morissetteThank u
Sly & the family stoneSing a simple song
Elec. Tech.Angel alanisChi's revenge
Dexter wanselLife on mars
Elec. Tech.Angel alanisLove fuck
First choiceLove thang
Rap UsAnisha nicoleDoin it well
Ll cool jDoin it
Rap UsAnisha nicoleDon't talk to me
Minnie ripertonInside my love
Pop VarietBig brother & the holding co. feat. janis joplinAll is loneliness
MoondogAll is loneliness
Pop VarietJanis joplinSummertime
George gershwinSummertime
Rap FrMicro organism & j.m. sissoko3'30 de répit
ChicWill you cry
Rap UsO.g. spanish flyI needed you most
Brenton woodWhere were you (when i needed you most)
RnB, SoulShuaniseMasudasante naima
Tom scottNaima
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)Smoker's paradise
DelegationOh honey
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)Smile now won't cry later
Ben e. kingStand by me
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)Soy 18 with a bullet
Pete wingfieldEight teen with a bullet
Rap UsSpanish f.l.y. (foolish loco youngsta)The dealer
Grandmaster flash & the furious fiveThe message
Rap UsSpanish flyKill 4 thrillz
ZappMore bounce to the ounce

Les artistes qui ont samplé Anis

Rap FrAhmessTenebreuz mafia
Alanis morissetteUninvited
Rap UsProject patSucks on dick
Alanis morissetteUninvited
Rap FrAlkpoteSortez couvert
Alanis morissetteUninvited
Rap Interna.Hilltop hoods1979
Alanis morissetteIronic
Rap FrEd (alias kafri)Vanité (version space)
Alanis morissetteThank u
Rap UsJedi mind tricksHeavenly divine remix
Alanis morissetteUninvited
Rap FrUnité de feuTénébreuse mafia
Alanis morrisetteUninvited
Rap FrBakarMélancolie
AnisPensées amères
Rap UsBig shug feat singapore kane & termanologyMy boston
Janis ianIn the winter
Rap UsArmy of the pharaohsBurn you alive
Janis ianIn the winter
Rap Us1st dagree feat. proofDial a prayer
Janis ianIn the winter
Rap UsVirtuosoProvoke me
Janis ianIn the winter
Rap UsLuckyiamTv in the afternoon
Janis ianIn the winter
Rap UsApollo brownThere's always radio
Janis ianIn the winter
Rap UsGuruThe anthem
Janis ianSociety's child
Rap FrMc jean gab'1, jp & pitchouJanis
Janis joplinSummertime
Rap UsEminemRock bottom
Janis joplinSummertime
Elec. Tech.TideuxFreak spleen
Janis joplinSummertime
Rap FrLucio bukowskiKamasutra song
Janis joplinKozmic blues
Elec. Tech.La fine équipe & friendsCanistrelli
Janis joplinMaybe
Elec. Tech.Sporto kantesCar video
Janis joplinWork me, lord
Elec. Tech.PeachesKick it feat. iggy pop
Janis joplinMove over
RnB, SoulBobby womackTrust me
Janis joplinTrust me
ReggaeKeith & texStop that train
SpanishtoniansStop that train

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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