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Les samples de Animal collective

animal collective
RnB, Soul48th street collectiveSweet dreams (are made of this)
EurythmicsSweet dreams (are made of this)
Elec. Tech.Animal collectiveCuckoo cuckoo
Franz lisztLiebestraum no. 3 en la bémol majeur
Rap UsAnimal farm feat talib kweli Test of time
Dramatics Now you got me loving you
Rap UsAnimal pharmThe vaccine
Curtis mayfieldNever stop loving me
Elec. Tech.The wildlife collectiveGood looking gal
WinstonsAmen brother

Les artistes qui ont samplé Animal collective

Elec. Tech.ColdcutSay kids, what time is it?
Brother d with collective effortHow we gonna make the black nation rise?
Rap UsMykill miersIt's been a long time coming
Groove collectiveFloating

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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