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Les samples trouvés par Shaheed

'try to fight back, black, you get dead'

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Rap UsBig lLet 'em have it "l:
Bob jamesNautilus
Rap UsCommonResurrection
Ahmad jamalDolphin dance
Rap UsPete rock & iniWhat you say
David t. walkerLay lady lay
Rap UsPete rock & iniStep up
Jackie mittooToo late to turn back now
Rap UsPete rock & iniDon't you love it
The miraclesDon't cha love it
Rap UsPete rock & dedaI originate
Donald byrd & booker littleWee tina
Rap UsPete rock & dedaNothing more
Freddie hubbardSuite sioux
Rap UsPete rock & dedaEveryman
Hubert lawsCymbaline
Rap UsPete rock & dedaI originate
Hubert lawsCymbaline
Rap UsJuggaknotsClear blue skies
Rap UsGang starrWho's gonna take the weight?
Ll cool jTo da break of dawn
Rap UsArtifactsWhassup now muthaf-ka?
Kool g rap & dj poloOn the run
Rap FrFabeça fait partie de mon passé
Wayne shorterTom thumb
Rap UsGang starrSpeak ya clout
Gang starrI'm the man
Rap UsGroup homeLivin' proof
Wu-tang clanC.r.e.a.m.
Rap UsDa youngsta'sShout it out
Isaac redd holtDo it baby
Rap UsWee bee foolishPimpflomein
Blood, sweat & tearsI love you more than you'll ever know
Rap UsWee bee foolishThis kid
Maynard fergusonSpinning wheel
Rap UsWee bee foolishTiger boogs
Rap UsCocoa brovazSpanish harlem
Ohio playersPride and vanity
Rap UsDa youngsta'sLyrical stick up kids
Jimmy castor bunchIt's just begun
Rap UsDa youngsta'sHoneycomb hide out
Eddie harrisTurbulence
Rap UsDa youngsta'sWho's the mic wrecka
Johnny "guitar" watsonSuperman lover
Rap UsDa youngsta'sRip a rhyme
James brownMama feel good
Rap UsDa youngsta'sIt'z natural
Jean-jacques perreyE.v.a.
Rap UsAtmosphereGuns and cigarettes
Cannonball adderleyOh babe
Rap UsAtmosphereTears for the sheep
Aretha franklinCry like a baby
Rap UsAtmosphereThe woman with the tattooed hands
Lamont dozierBlue sky and silver bird
Rap UsAtmosphereLike today
CountsSince we said goodbye
Rap UsWorld renownHow nice i am
A tribe called questCheck the rhime
Rap UsGang starrMass appeal
Da youngsta'sPass da mic
Rap UsKuriousTear shit up
Biz markieCool v's tribute to scratching
Rap UsKuriousBaby bust it
A tribe called questThe infamous date rape
Rap UsKuriousI'm kurious
BlackbyrdsMysterious vibes
Rap UsKuriousTop notch
De la soulAfro connections at a hi 5 (in the eyes of the hoo
Rap UsMad skillzAll in it
Gang starrMass appeal
Rap UsJeru the damajaMe or the papes
Mad skillzMove ya body
Rap UsMad skillzThe nod factor
Johnny "guitar" watsonSuperman lover
Rap UsPete rock & iniWhat you say
EpmdSo what cha sayin'
Rap UsPete rock & iniThink twice
Special edThink about it

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