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Les samples trouvés par Morphine



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Rap Us50 centP.i.m.p.
Jaco pastoriusOpus pocus
Rap UsLl cool jHey lover
Michael jacksonThe lady in my life
Rap UsInfamous mobbYou know the ratio
Leon wareInstant love
Rap UsInfamous mobbMobb niggaz
Francois de roubaixAdieu l'ami
Rap UsInfamous mobbSpecial edition
YanniMarching season
Rap UsInfamous mobbKing from queens
CerroneIn the smoke
Rap UsInfamous mobbTake it back
Billy oceanSuddenly
Rap UsYoung gunzGrown man
L.t.d.Don't stop loving me now
Rap UsJermaine dupriMoney ain't a thing
Steve arringtonWeak at the knees
Rap UsYoung gunzTime
First choiceAll i need is time
Rap UsYoung gunzNo better love
Luther vandrossBetter love
Rap UsLl cool jFa ha
Hall & oatesRich girl
Rap UsYoung gunzGirlz
Hall & oatesRich girl
Pop VarietAkonBelly dancer
Fun boy threeThe lunatics (have taken over the asylum)
Rap UsLl cool j10 million stars
FameI sing the body electric
Rap UsBlack eyed peasWeekends
Debbie debLook out weekends
Rap UsWill smithGettin jiggy with it
Bar-kaysSang and dance
Rap UsCommonGhetto heaven
Family standGhetto heaven
Rap UsCoolio1,2,3,4 sumpin new
Tom browneTighs high
Rap UsMr cheeksSupposed to
Creative sourceWild flower
Rap UsDiplomatsSantana's town part ii
Electric light orchestraDreaming of 4000
Rap UsDiplomatsIf only you believe
Jefferson starshipMiracles
Rap UsPuff daddySatisfy you
LunizI got five on it
Rap UsPuff daddyPain
Les mccannBenjamin
Rap UsPuff daddyJourney through the life
Al greenYour love is like the morning sun
Rap UsPuff daddyGangsta shot
Tony montana # dialogue #
Rap UsPuff daddyAngels with dirty faces
Earth, wind & fireFantasy
Rap UsScarfaceGuess who's back
Pop VarietMonicaSo gone
WhispersYou are number one
Elec. Tech.One-tThe magic key
Modry efektMa hra
Rap UsJay-zA million and one questions
LatimoreLet me go
Rap UsQ-tipLet's ride
Joe passGiant steps
Rap UsBiz markieJust a friend
Freddie scottYou got what i need
Rap UsEpmdSymphony 2000
Ennio morriconeUccellacci e uccellini
Pop VarietAmerieWhy don't we fall in love
Dave grusinI've got you where i want you
Pop VarietAmerieI'm coming out
Diana rossI'm coming out
Rap FrDj mehdiHave fun
ShalamarFull of fire
Rap FrSherazElle revient seule
Gladys knight & the pipsTaste of bitter love
Rap UsDe la soulThe magic number
Bob doroughThree is the magic number
Rap UsBig noydShit that he said
Four topsThe good lord knows

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