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Rap UsJim jonesBallin' on xmas
Run-dmcChristmas in hollis
Rap UsJim jonesMy life
TupacLost souls
Rap UsJim jonesWe fly high
Rasputin's stashMr. cool
Rap UsBlack eyed peasThey don't want music
James brownMind power
Rap UsDmxWe in here
Clarence reidNobody but you babe
Pop VarietAvril lavigneGirlfriends
PipettesYour kisses are wasted on me
Rap UsYing yang twinsWait
Bernard purdieTouch me again
Rap UsIcarusChill
ZappMore bounce to the ounce
Rap UsTeriyaki boyzHeartbreaker
Daft punkHuman after all
Rap UsAkonOnce in a while
Three dog nightI'd be so happy
Rap UsAshantiOnly you
Club nouveauWhy you treat me so bad
Rap UsRedmanDoggz ii
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsRedmanDoggz ii
DmxGet at me
Rap UsGhostface killahStreet opera
Michael jacksonAin't no sunshine
Rap UsGhostface killahMiguel sanchez
Earth, wind & fireLove is life
Rap UsGhostface killahUnderwater
Bobbi humphreyJust a love child
Rap UsGhostface killahBig girl
StylisticsYou're a big girl now
Rap UsGhostface killahBarbershop
ManhattansYou'd better believe it
Rap UsGhostface killahBe easy
SylversStay away from me
Rap UsGhostface killahR.a.g.u.
DelfonicsThe look of love
Rap UsGhostface killahBeauty jackson
Three degreesMaybe
Rap UsGhostface killahKilo
Jimmy van & richard hieronymusI weigh with kilos
Rap UsGhostface killahShakey dog
DellsI can sing a rainbow/love is blue
Rap UsGhostface killahThe return of clyde smith
Jack mcduffSummer dream
Rap UsGhostface killahGhost is back
Eric b & rakimJuice (know the ledge)
Rap UsGhostface killahWhip you with a strap
Luther ingramTo the other man
Rap UsGhostface killahThe champ
Rocky # dialogue #
Rap UsGwen stefaniWind it up
Julie andrewsThe lonely goatherd
Rap UsGhostface killahSave me dear
Freddie scottYou got what i need
Elec. Tech.Basement jaxxHush boy
9th creationSuperheroes

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