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Les samples trouvés par Layone


'cuando muere algo ... nace otra cosa mas fuerte !'

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Rap UsOriginal flavorI like it
Funk inc.Kool is back
Rap UsOriginal flavorI like it
CommodoresFancy dancer
Rap UsJodeciLately
Stevie wonderLately
Rap UsJodeciGet on up
Tyrone thomas & the whole darn familySeven minutes of funk
Rap UsJodeciWon't waste you
Dobie grayeDrive on, ride on
Rap UsJodeciIn the meanwhile
James brownThe payback (intro)
Rap UsJodeciWhat about us ?
ZappComputer love
Rap UsJodeciYou got it
Sly & the family stoneSing a simple song
Rap UsJodeciCome and talk to me (remix)
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsGzaBeneath the surface
Jean plumBack to you
Rap UsGzaKnock, knock
SpinnersI must be living for a broken heart
Rap UsGzaInvestigative reports
Three dog nightI'd be so happy
Rap UsGzaGold
Cannonball adderley (quintet)Aries
Rap UsGzaLiving in the world today
Ann sextonI'm his wife, you're just a friend
Rap UsGzaCold world
DramaticsIn the rain
Rap UsSunz of manIsraeli news
BlackbyrdsSoft and easy
Rap UsSunz of manCold
James brown & dee felice trioSunny
Rap UsSunz of manFor the lust of money/the grandz
Sweet inspirationsWishes and dishes
Rap UsSunz of manFive arch angels
Marvin gayeMercy, mercy me (the ecology)
Rap UsSunz of manIllusions
Donny hathawayGiving up
Rap UsSunz of manThe plan
Ann peeblesI'm gonna tear your playhouse down
Rap UsLunizPlaya hata
Bobby caldwellWhat you won't do for love
Rap UsLunizI got 5 on it
Steve miller bandFly like an eagle
Rap UsWu-tang clanMethod man
Schoolhouse rockI'm just a bill
Rap UsMethod manI get my thang in action
Bo diddleyHit or miss
Rap UsMethod manI get my thang in action
Schoolhouse rockVerb: that's what's happening
Rap UsMethod manMeth vs. chef (ft. raekwon)
Joe texPapa was too
Rap UsMethod manRelease yo' delf (prodigy rmx)
Graham central stationThe jam
Rap UsMethod manBring the pain
Jerry butlerMechanical man
Rap UsMethod manAll i need
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsMethod manRelease yo' delf
Black mambaVicious
Rap UsAlkaholiksThe next level
PoliceKing of pain
Rap UsBeastie boysIntergalactic
Les baxterPrelude c# minor
Rap UsBeastie boysThe maestro
Eleventh hourMedley - sock it to me/it's your thing
Rap UsBeastie boysBody movin'
Rap UsBeastie boysThe maestro
Cheech & chongDon't bug me
Rap UsBeastie boysPass the mic
James newtonChoir
Rap UsBeastie boysPass the mic
Jimmy walkerThe black prince has arrived
Rap UsBeastie boysProfessor booty
Freddie prinzeHunga rican
Rap UsBeastie boysProfessor booty
Jimmy smithI'm gonna love you just a little more, babe

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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