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Les samples de l'album Be de Common

Rap UsCommonBe
Ceasar frazierSweet children
Rap UsCommonBe
Albert jonesMother nature
Rap UsCommonChi-city
Cornelius brothers & sister roseSince i found my baby
Rap UsCommonChi-city
Joe farrellUpon this rock
Rap UsCommonChi-city
Chops feat. kanye westChanging lanes
Rap UsCommonFaithful
Dj rogersFaithful to the end
Rap UsCommonGo!
Linda lewisOld smokey
Rap UsCommonGo!
Ol' dirty bastardShimmy shimmy ya
Rap UsCommonIt's your world (part 1 & 2)
ModulationsShare what you got, keep what you need
Rap UsCommonLove is…
Marvin gayeGod is love
Rap UsCommonReal people
Caesar frazierSweet children
Rap UsCommonSweet
Dorris & kelleyYou don't have to worry
Rap UsCommonTestify
Honey coneInnocent till proven guilty
Rap UsCommonThe corner
TemptationsWhat it is ?
Rap UsCommonThe corner
TempreesYou make the sun shine
Rap UsCommonThe food
Sam cookeNothing can change this love
Rap UsCommonThe food
Chi-litesNever had it so good
Rap UsCommonThey say
Ahmad jamalGhetto child

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album Be de Common

Rap UsWillie the kidIt's your world
CommonIt's your world
Rap UsDj shadowFunky skunk
CommonThe corner
Rap UsCommonThe game
CommonThe corner

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