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Les samples de Dj rogers

dj rogers
ReggaeHelen rogersBe thankful for what you got
William devaughnBe thankful for what you got
RnB, SoulJestofunk & ce ce rogers & fred wesleyThe ghetto
Donny hathawayThe ghetto
Rap UsJuju rogersDo it for
Rap Interna.Juju rogersOfficier
John holtPolice in helicopter
Rap UsJuju rogersThe story of warren
Harold melvin & the blue notesTry to live a day
Pop VarietKenny rogers and the first editionShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Mickey newburyShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Elec. Tech.Roy rogers Graceland
Abba Voulez vous

Les artistes qui ont samplé Dj rogers

Rap UsThe rootsKool on
Dj rogersWhere there's a will
Rap UsThe alchemistTherapy (feat. blu, evidence, talib kweli & kid cu
Dj rogersWatch out for the riders
Elec. Tech.Porter robinsonFlicker
Dj rogersWatch out for the riders
Rap UsCommonFaithful
Dj rogersFaithful to the end
Rap UsInverseTil' the end (c.a.l.i.)
Dj rogersFaithful to the end
Rap UsNasNothing lasts forever
Dj rogersSay you love me
Rap UsBig sean ft e-40I don't fuck with you
Dj rogersSay you love me, one more time
Rap UsPras feat odb & myaGhetto supastar (that is what you are)
Dolly parton & kenny rogersIslands in the stream
Rap UsNottzDontcha wanna be (my neighbor)
Fred rogersWon't you be my neighbor?
Rap UsDr dre feat snoop dogg & the d.o.cThe $20 sack pyramid
Ginger rogersWe're in the money
Rap FrPsy 4 de la rimeLady
Kenny rogersLady
Rap UsFugees feat outsidaz and john fortéCowboys
Kenny rogersThe gambler
ReggaeBeenie man & sanchezRefugee
Kenny rogers & dolly partonIslands in the stream
Rap UsEminemBeautiful
Queen & paul rogersReaching out / tie your mother down
Rap Us88-keysNice guys finish last
Townsend, townsend, townsend and rogersIt’s too late to be nice to her now

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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