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Les samples de Yma sumac

yma sumac

Les artistes qui ont samplé Yma sumac

Rap FrLe peuple de l'herbeRomantic
Yma sumacLament
Rap UsBlack eyed peasHands up
Yma sumacBo mambo
Elec. Tech.Sporto kantes18h27
Yma sumacBo mambo
Elec. Tech.AvalanchesStay another season
Yma sumacGopher
RnB, SoulRobin thickeEverything i can't have
Yma sumacMalambo no. 1
Pop VarietSkeewiffCruise control
Yma sumacMalambo no. 1
Rap UsBlack robI love you baby
Yma sumacLure of the unknown love (xtabay)
Rap UsMc paul barmanHow hard is that?
Yma sumacAtaypura (high andes)
Rap UsPuff daddy feat black robI love u baby
Yma sumacXtabay (lure of the unknow love)

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