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Les samples de Urban thermo dynamics

urban thermo dynamics
Rap UsDeep puddle dynamicsDeep puddle theme song
Chick coreaThe woods
Rap UsDeep puddle dynamicsI am hip hop (move the crowd)
TomitaPacific 231
Rap UsDeep puddle dynamicsJune 26th, 1998
Alan parsons projectThe cask of amontillado
Rap UsDeep puddle dynamicsRainmen (controller 7 remix)
Eric b. & rakimMy melody
Rap UsDeep puddle dynamicsWhere the wild things are
Weather reportAmerican tango
Rap UsUrban dance squadA deeper shade of soul
Ray barrettoA deeper shade of soul
Rap Interna.Urban hypeTrip to trumpton
Freddie phillipsTrumpton
Rap UsUrban speciesBlanket
Bob jamesEl verano
Rap UsUrban speciesNo particular title
The cannonball adderley quintetInside straight
Rap UsUrban species feat. mc solaarListen (guru's mix)
Lee dorseyGive it up
Rap UsUrban species feat. mc solaarListen
Terry callierYou goin' miss your candyman
Rap UsUrban thermo dynamicsLike that
Big daddy kaneJust rhymin' with biz
Rap UsUrban thermo dynamicsManifest destiny
James taylor and the original flying machineKnocking round the zoo

Les artistes qui ont samplé Urban thermo dynamics

RnB, SoulLizzoWater me
The dynamicsI am free, no dope for me
Rap UsJae millzTake a betta look (ft alchemist)
The dynamicsCount your chips

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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