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Les samples de Styx

Pop VarietStyxI am the walrus
BeatlesI am the walrus

Les artistes qui ont samplé Styx

Rap UsSaigon feat kool g rapThe letter p
StyxWhat has come between us
Rap UsJoe buddenOn my grind
StyxSuite madam blue
Rap UsSmif-n-wessun (tek & steele)Here i stand
StyxLove in the midnight
Elec. Tech.Black eyed peasJust can't get enough
StyxMr. roboto
Rap UsEvidenceThe far left
StyxA song for suzanne
Rap UsDurag dynastyFunyons
StyxA song for suzanne
Rap UsEvidenceI know
StyxThe best of times
Rap UsInfamous mobbWorldwide
StyxPieces of eight
Rap UsM.o.pWorld famous (remix)
StyxPieces of eight
Rap UsRaekwonSurgical gloves
StyxCastle walls
Rap UsCassidy and murda mookUnexpected
StyxCastle walls
Rap UsWillie the kid ft alchemistFucking toxic
StyxMan in the wilderness
Rap UsArmy of the pharaohsHollow points
StyxCastle walls

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