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Les samples de Lo-fidelity allstars

lo-fidelity allstars
Elec. Tech.Freska allstarsWe come to rock
Imperial brothersWe come to rock
Rap UsFreska allstarsBedroom breakz
James brownFunky drummer
Elec. Tech.Lo fidelity allstarsOn the pier
Joe texOh me oh my
Elec. Tech.Lo-fidelity allstarsHow to operate with a blown mind
Booker t. & the mg's feat. judy clayChildren, don't get weary
Elec. Tech.Lo-fidelity allstarsVision incision
Three degreesA woman needs a good man
Rap UsLondon funk allstarsJunkies bad trip
James brownFunky president
Rap UsLondon funk allstarsSo good
James brownFunky drummer
Rap UsLondon funk allstarsSo good
Wu-tang clanDa mystery of chessboxin'
Pop VarietLong beach dub allstars feat. will.i.amSunny hours
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsLong beach dub allstars feat. will.i.amSunny hours
Thunder and lightningBumpin' bus stop
Rap UsShadyville allstarsYoung world
Latimore Let's straighten it out

Les artistes qui ont samplé Lo-fidelity allstars

ReggaeMikey dreadOperator's choice
Audio fidelity records # bruitage #
Elec. Tech.Simon harrisFx & scratches (vol. 5)
Audio fidelity records # bruitage #
Pop VarietHooverphonicBarabas
Audio fidelity recordsIntroduction
Pop VarietHooverphonicInhaler
Audio fidelity recordsIntroduction
Rap UsCourageous chiefRussian roulette
Audio fidelity recordsRussian roulette
Elec. Tech.Bomb the bassBeat dis
Audio fidelity recordsRussian roulette
Elec. Tech.The prodigyEverybody in the place (155 and rising)
Freska allstarsWe come to rock
Rap UsJay-zAlready home
Gladdy's allstarsMad mad ivy
Elec. Tech.Le peuple de l'herbeP.h theme
London funk allstarsRepresent
Rap UsCypress hillInsane in the brain (dj honda remix)
London funk allstarsSure shot

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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