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Les samples de Krs-one & buckshot

krs-one & buckshot
Rap Us9th wonder & buckshotCrazy
Tears for ferasMad world
Rap Us9th wonder & buckshotCrazy
The glass houseI don't see me in your eyes anymore
Rap UsBuckshotAt night (3am shit)
Teddy pendergrassLove t.k.o.
Rap UsBuckshotFood for thought
NasIt ain't hard to tell
Rap UsBuckshotNo joke
ParliamentAll your goodies are gone
Rap UsBuckshotBreath control
CatalystNew found truths
Rap UsBuckshotBreath control
Harry nilssonRainmaker
Rap UsBuckshotFollow me
ParliamentAll your goodies are gone
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderBirdz (fly the coup)
SylviaNext time i see you
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderChemistry 101
Eddie kendricksI just want to be the one in your life
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderFood for thought
ImpactSara smile
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderFood for thought
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderFood for thought
Reflection eternalMove somethin'
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderFood for thought
Gang starrYou know my steez
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderFood for thought
Pete rockTru master
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderHe's back
Billy paulWhat are we going to do now that he's back
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderI don’t know why
Love unlimitedNever, never say goodbye
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderMoney makes the world go round
StylisticsPeople make the world go round
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderMoney makes the world go round
Micki grantIt's all right
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderNo comparison
Love unlimited orchestraWhisper you love me
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderOut of town
Jimmy james & the vagabondsStay with me
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderSide talk
Gwen mccraeRockin' chair
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderSlippin'
Cissy & whitney houstonLove is holding on
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderThe ghetto
Marlena shawWoman of the ghetto
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderU wonderin'
Blue magicYou won’t have to tell me goodbye
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderConcrete jungle
James brownDown and out in new york city
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderBe cool
Five stairsteps & cubieBad news
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderGo all out
Isaac hayesLifetime thing
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderHere we go
Mcfadden & whiteheadThat let’s me now i'm in love
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderHold it down
Inez foxxLet me down easy
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderIntro
Love unlimitedIt may be winter outside (but in my heart it’s spr
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderJust display
Mavis staplesYou send me
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderMan listen
Freda payneIt’s yours to have
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderNo future
SylversEven this shall pass away
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderOnly for you (lou)
StylisticsI plead guilty
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderReady (brand new day)
Hues corporationFreedom for the stallion
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderShinin' y'all
Galt macdermotCotton comes to harlem
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderShinin' yall (feat. arafat yates & big chops)
Galt macdermotSunlight shining
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderThrowin' shade
Isaac hayesI'm so proud
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderWhassup with u
Curtis mayfieldGive me your love (love song)
Rap UsBuckshot & 9th wonderThe big bang
Magnum forceCome fly away with me
Rap UsBuckshot lefonqueMusic evolution (dj premier mix)
Thelonious monkLocomotive
Rap UsBuckshot lefonqueMusic evolution
Public enemyYo! bum rush the show
Rap UsBuckshot lefonqueMusic evolution
Jeff beckCome dancing
Rap UsBuckshot lefonqueSamba hop
Elis reginaMeio do campo
Rap UsFlipmode squad feat. buckshotWe got u opin (part 2)
Black moonI got cha opin
Rap UsFunkmaster flex ft buckshotI ain't no joke
Jb'sPass the peas
Rap UsKrs one & buckshotThe way i live (ft mary j blige)
New york cityHang your head in shame
Rap UsKrs-one & buckshotRobot
Teach-inThe robot
Rap UsKrs-one & buckshotThink of the things
PocoDon't let it pass by
Rap FrOl'kainry ft buckshotSmatch ça !
Jacques brelLes marquises
Rap UsSean price ft. buckshotThe feeling
Adrian younge & the black dynamite sound orchestraShot me in the heart

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