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Les samples de Jcd and the dawg lb

jcd and the dawg lb
Rap UsChi-ali feat. dres, phife dawg and the beatnutsLet the horns blow
Five stairstepsDon't change your love
Rap UsJcd and the dawg lbBon appetit
FunkadelicFree your mind
Rap UsJcd and the dawg lbBudda rhymes
Cypress hillStoned is the way of the walk
Rap UsJcd and the dawg lbOver pussy
Bob jamesNautilus
Rap UsJcd and the dawg lbThey like it like we do
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsPhife dawgBend ova
Dorothy ashbyCanto de ossanha
Rap UsPhife dawgLa schmoove
MohawksThe champ
Rap UsPhife dawgNaah mean
Minnie ripertonOnly when i'm dreaming
Rap UsPhife dawg4 horsemen
John surnamEdges of illusion
Rap UsPhife dawgAlphabet soup
Carl douglasDance the kung-fu
Rap UsSlim thug ft j-dawg & big k.r.i.t.Coming from
Gil scott-heron & brian jacksonDelta man (where i'm coming from)

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