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Les samples de Foreign beggars

foreign beggars
Rap FrForeign beggarsHit that gash
King floydThink about it
Rap UsForeign beggarsInterlude
Frank sinatraA day in the life of a fool
Rap UsForeign exchangeVon sees
Les baxterSunken city
Rap UsForeign legionOvernight success
Joe texI gotcha
Rap UsForeign legionOvernight success
CrusadersAnd then there was the blues
Rap UsForeign legionPeople round town
EpmdSo wat cha sayin'
Rap UsForeign legionSecret agent
Gang starrCode of the streets
Rap UsForeign legionSecret agent
BeatnutsOff the books
Rap UsForeign legionUnderground
Sly & the family stoneThat kind of person
Rap UsForeign legionUnderground
Emerson, lake & palmerLetters from the front
Rap UsThe foreign exchangeAll that you are
SylversThat's what love is made of
Rap UsThe foreign exchange Let's move
Bing crosby A gal in calico

Les artistes qui ont samplé Foreign beggars

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