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Les samples de Apple

Rap UsApple and orangeI kick da flava
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Pop VarietApplesKilling
Rage against the machineKilling in the name
Pop VarietFiona appleCriminal
Sol bloomStreets of cairo or the poor little country maid

Les artistes qui ont samplé Apple

Rap UsUgly godI beat my meat
AppleOpening ringtone
Rap FrBluFunky cowboy meets the funky drummer
Apple and the three orangesTrue love will never die
Rap UsJedi mind tricksThe deer hunter
Marshall applewhite # dialogue #
Pop VarietPorcupine treeLast chance to evacuate planet earth
Marshall applewhiteLast chance to evacuate planet earth
Elec. Tech.MoullinexCome on closer
PineapplesCome on closer
Rap UsEl-pDeep space 9mm
Silver applesWater

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