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Les samples de Annette poindexter & pieces of peace

annette poindexter & pieces of peace
Rap UsDisturbing tha peaceCelebrity chick
Jay-zBrooklyn's finest
Rap UsDisturbing tha peaceGrowing pains (do it again) (remix)
Staple singersLet's do it again
Elec. Tech.Peace by pieceNobody's business (nosey parker remix)
Mel & timGood guys only win in the movies
Elec. Tech.Peace by pieceNobody's business (nosey parker remix)
Quincy jonesIronside
Elec. Tech.Peace orchestraWho am i
Nina simoneWho am i?

Les artistes qui ont samplé Annette poindexter & pieces of peace

Rap UsJ-liveBraggin'writes
Annette peacockSurvival
Rap UsMadd rapper feat busta rhymesBongo break
Annette peacockSurvival
Rap FrFurax barbarossaCroisades
Annette peacockSurvival
Rap Fr1995A chaque ligne
Annette poindexter & pieces of peaceWayward dream
Elec. Tech.TruffelDeep sleep dream
Annette poindexter & the pieces of peaceWayward dream
Rap UsPeople under the stairsThe effects of climate change...
Annette stephens quartetPower
Rap UsRaekwonWe will rob you
Bobby womack and peaceAcross 110th street
Rap UsTalib kweliCold rain
Charles may & annette may thomasKeep my baby warm
Rap UsProp dylanPrime
Love peace & happinessLonely room
Elec. Tech.Fatboy slimYou're not from brighton
Peace by pieceNobody's business(nosey parker mix)
Rap FrNtmCome again
Pieces of a dreamFo-fi-fo
Elec. Tech.Massive attackWeather storm
Pieces of a dreamIt's time for love
Rap UsGrandmaster flash & the furious five It's a shame
Pieces of a dreamMt. airy groove
Rap UsKool g rap & dj poloTrilogy of terror
Pieces of dreamMt. airy groove
Rap UsDa lench mobFreedom got an a.k.
Three piecesBacked up against the wall

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