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Les samples de 2-4 grooves

2-4 grooves
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesBonita
MadonnaLa isla bonita
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesCarwash
Rose royceCarwash
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesCloser 2 you
Taylor dayneWith every beat of my heart
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesHere i go
WhitesnakeHere i go again
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesLove
Taylor dayneProve your love
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesMore
BostonMore than a feelin
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesRockset
RoxetteFading like a flower
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesRun & hide
Phil collinsSomething happened on the way to heaven
Elec. Tech.2-4 groovesShut up
Black eyes peasShut up
Rap UsJazzy groovesBlown away
MantronixKing of the beats
Rap UsJazzy groovesHuh
Kool & the gangN.t.
Rap UsJazzy groovesIt's nice to have money
Bobby byrdHot pants (bonus beats)
Rap UsJazzy groovesOoh lawd
Bob jamesTake me to the mardi gras
Rap UsJazzy groovesScat jam
James brownFunky president
Elec. Tech.Scott groovesMothership reconnection
ParliamentMothership conection (star child)
Elec. Tech.Scott groovesExpansions
Lonnie liston smithExpansions
Elec. Tech.Techno groovesDrop that bassline
Brass constructionMovin'
Elec. Tech.Techno groovesTechno slam
2-madDon't hold back the feeling (acidic dub)

Les artistes qui ont samplé 2-4 grooves

Elec. Tech.The prodigy ft pop will eat itselfTheir law
Techno groovesDrop that bassline

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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