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Elec. Tech.Boogie freaksYou done did it (original mix)
NextToo close
Rap FrIamDisco club (interlude)
Mike theodore orchestraBrazilian lullaby
Rap UsPeople under the stairsBeer
Pete rock & cl smoothBack on the block
RnB, SoulMartine giraultRevival (original mix)
Tom scott & l.a. expressSneaking' in the back
Elec. Tech.AlexmyListening 4.am
AtlantisKeep on mooving & grooving
Rap FrK-reen feat. k-ploSi j'avais su
The metersJust kissed my baby
Rap UsJordan jetsonAdhesive
Kool & the gangJoanna
Elec. Tech.Tyler touchéMusique du coeur
ChangeHold tight
RnB, SoulJahiemAin't leavin' without you
Fat larry's bandAct like you know
RnB, SoulTruceTreat u right
ShalamarSweeter as the days go by
Rap UsNatureMiracle
SadeI never thought i'd see the day
Rap FrMellowmanAinsi soit cool
Dexter wanselThe sweetest pain
RnB, SoulWadzBrandy feat. mase - top of the world (wadz bronx r
Bb & the q bandOn the beat
Pop VarietJanet jacksonMake me
Fonzi thorntonI work for a living
Elec. Tech.PerseusRunning back to you
Elec. Tech.Lee fossU got me
Keith sweatTwisted
Elec. Tech.Disco diceFeel my nachtcafe (original mix)
Pino d'angioMa quale idea
Elec. Tech.Rocco raimundoKeep on, keepin' on
WhispersKeep on loving me
Elec. Tech.MamSunset funk
Cool notesMy love is hot
Elec. Tech.MamWorld on fire
RnB, SoulNadiya feat. smartzeeEt c'est parti
Vince dicolaWar
Elec. Tech.Shy fxWho run tings
Sugarhill gangRapper's delight
Rap UsA tribe called questCan i kick it
Archie bell and the drellsDon't let love get you down
RnB, SoulLeona lewis feat. timbalandReady to get down
ChicI want your love
Rap FrMellowmanComme toi
Eugene wildeGotta get you home tonight
Pop VarietHinda hicksIf you want me
Kool & the gangToo hot
Rap UsMc hammer feat. deion sandersStraight to my feet
Funkadelic(not just) knee deep
Elec. Tech.B-phreakRepeated groove (beat assassins remix)
Mc lyteCold rock a party (bad boy remix acapella)
Elec. Tech.2b funk2b funk (extended club)
DelegationHeartache nº9
Rap UsPete rock & c.l smoothBack on the block
Cannonball aderley quintetTensity
Rap UsMr cheeksFriday night
Silver conventionFly, robin fly
Rap FrLe gang du lyonnaisMegamix party break (2 minutes)
Claudja barryOpen the door
Rap UsTroop & levert feat. queen latifahFor the love of money/livin' for the city
O'jaysFor the love of money
Rap UsCharli baltimoreMoney
O'jaysFor the love of money
RnB, SoulSa-deuceDon't waste my time
Bobby caldwellWhat you won't do for love
RnB, SoulE.v.eGroove of love (vincent herbert mix)
Barry whiteIt's ecstasy when you lay down next to me
RnB, SoulMelgrooveApoca arrive
Aretha franklinJump to it
RnB, SoulMelanie fionaYou stop my heart
Frankie avalonVenus
Rap FrAlliance ethnikRespect
Patrice rushenRemind me
RnB, SoulGroove theoryNever enough
StylisticsHurry up this way again

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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