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Les samples trouvés par Jerez

'xxx PUNK2FUNK xxx'

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Rap UsLootpackLong awaited
Rap UsLl cool jMurdergram
Rap UsLl cool jMr goodbar
Rap UsLifers groupReal deal shadow remix
Rap UsJunior m.a.f.i.a.Realms of junior m.a.f.i.a.
Rap UsEpmdChill
Rap UsEpmdScratch bring it back (part 2-mic doc)
Rap UsDoug e. freshBack in the days
Rap UsDj shadowBasic megamix
Rap UsDivine stylerTongue of labyrinth
Rap UsChuck chillout & kool chipTime to rhyme
Rap UsBig l8 iz enuff
Rap UsBeastie boysSure shot (large professor remix)
Rap UsBig daddy kaneAin't no half steppin'
Rap UsAfrika bambaataa and time zoneThe 40 oz. crew
Rap Us3rd bassTriple stage darkness
Rap UsRell feat. jay-zLove for free
B.t. expressExpress
Rap UsPrince jcFor the love of...
B.t. expressExpress
Rap UsPoweruleYoung stars from nowhere
B.t. expressExpress
Rap UsGang starrGusto
B.t. expressExpress
Rap UsBusy beeExpress
B.t. expressExpress
Rap UsKmdFigure of speech
Le pamplemousseLe spank
Rap UsSt lunaticsGimme what you got
Le pamplemousseGimme what you got
Rap UsKing sunTime to go
Le pamplemousseGimme what you got
Rap UsGeto boysScarface joint
Le pamplemousseGimme what you got
Rap UsBig daddy kaneWord to the mother (land)
Le pamplemousseGimme what you got
Rap UsAlkaholiksDaaam!
Le pamplemousseGimme what you got
Rap UsPete rock & cl smoothIt's not a game
Willie hendersonSoulfull football
Rap UsIce cubeU ain't gonna take my life
FunkadelicNappy dugout
Rap UsDe la soulChange in speak
Mad ladsNo strings attached
Rap UsDj jazzy jeff & the fresh princeLive at union square, november 1986
Herman kelly and lifeDance to the drummer's beat
Rap UsGzaWho's your rhymin' hero
Jimmy mc griffAin't it funky now
Rap UsOrganized konfusionPrisoners of war
Babe ruthThe mexican
Rap UsReal liveMoney and show
Eddie drennonDo what you gotta do
Rap UsAkinyeleThe robbery song
Sly stoneThat's lovin'you
Rap UsLord finesseSoul plan
Roy ayersRed, black and green
Rap UsEric b & rakimRun for cover
Tony avalon and the belairsSexy coffee pot
Rap UsBlack sheepBlack with no vision
Freddie hubbardPovo
Rap UsGzaStay out of bars
Young-holt unlimitedRubber lips
Rap UsDj magic mikeMove them butt
Freddie roachBrown sugar

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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