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Les samples de l'album Dark water de Wade waters

Rap UsWade watersBack in time
Dynamic superiorsLeave it alone
Rap UsWade watersBeautiful sight
Marilyn mccoo & billy davis jr.My reason to be is you
Rap UsWade watersConversation
Angela bofillThe only thing i would wish for
Rap UsWade watersLifeline
Phyllis hymanSomewhere in my lifetime
Rap UsWade watersMan to man
Leon wareWhere do i go from here? (sonny carson's theme)
Rap UsWade watersMovement music
Edwin hawkins singersChildren get together
Rap UsWade watersRight back
Aretha franklinMaster of eyes
Rap UsWade watersRock solid
Freda payneI won't last a day
Rap UsWade watersSpeak on it
David ruffinJust let me hold you for a night
Rap UsWade watersWanna be free
Rap UsWade watersWhat more
MiraclesJust give me another day
Rap UsWade watersYou could die (so let's live)
StylisticsLove at first sight

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album Dark water de Wade waters

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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