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Les samples de The firm album the

the firm  album the
Rap UsThe firmFirm fiasco
Charles aznavourA ma fille
Rap UsThe firmIntro
Ennio morriconePoverty
Rap UsThe firmFirm biz
Teena marieSquare biz
Rap UsThe firmFive minutes to flush intro
Manfred hubler & siegfried schwabNecronomania
Rap UsThe firmHardcore
Cheryl lynnEncore
Rap UsThe firmPhone tap
Chris barberPetite fleur
Rap UsThe firmUntouchable
TemptationsMother nature
Rap UsThe firmDesperados
Wasis diopDune
Rap UsThe firmExecutive decision
Tino rossiO corse, île d'amour
Rap UsThe firmFirm all stars
Larry youngTurn off the lights
Rap UsThe firmFirm family
MomentsCome on sexy mama
Rap UsThe firmI'm leaving
John denverI’m leaving on a jet plane
Rap UsThe firmLa familia
Eddie floydCheck me out
Rap UsThe firm & foxy brownFuck somebody else
Jones girlsYou gonna make me love somebody else

Les artistes qui ont samplé The firm album the

Rap UsCanibusThe c-quel
The firm desperados
Rap FrSwift guadBête 2 rap
The firmExecutive decision
Rap UsKero oneTempted
The legendary christine perfect album mcvieAnd that's saying a lot

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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