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Les samples de The cenobites

the cenobites
Rap UsGodfather don & kool keith (the cenobites)Lex lugor
Lou donaldsonOde to billie joe
Rap UsThe cenobitesThat's how i'm goin' out
NwaStraight outta compton
Rap UsThe cenobitesHow the fuck you get a deal?
Marvin gayeCleo's appartment
Rap UsThe cenobitesI was forgotten
Lady of rage feat. snoop doggy doggAfro puffs
Rap UsThe cenobitesKick a dope verse (battered baby seal mix)
Herbie hancockYou’ll know when you get there

Les artistes qui ont samplé The cenobites

Rap UsCompany flowLegends
The cenobitesLex lugor

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