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Les samples de Tevin campbell

tevin campbell
Rap FrDj campbellIntro
Kool shenTouche pas à ma musique (that's my people
Rap FrDj campbellIntro
La brigadeMême si ça plait pas
Rap FrDj campbellIntro 59 sur la plaque
Jacques brelLe plat pays
RnB, SoulTevin campbellI need you
Bt expressDo it ('til you're satisfied)
Rap UsTevin campbellStrawberry letter 23 (club mix)
Michael jacksonRemember the time (silky soul dub)
Rap UsTevin campbellStrawberry letter 23
Brothers johnsonStrawberry letter #23
Pop VarietTisha campbellThe feelin's right
Public enemyProphets of rage

Les artistes qui ont samplé Tevin campbell

Rap UsBrother aliTruth is
Al campbellTake a ride
Rap FrNeg' marronsLe bilan
Al campbellTake a ride
RnB, SoulJazmine sullivanWant you back
Cornel campbellQueen of the minstrel
Rap Interna.A state of mindHide & seek
Cornell campbell?
Elec. Tech.Massive attackFive man army
Dillinger, trinity, al campbell, wayne wade...Five man army
Rap UsBig daddy kanePrince of darkness
Tevin campbellRound and round
RnB, SoulOc feat yvette michelleFar from yours
Tevin campbell feat quincy jonesTomorow

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