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Les samples de Simple minds

simple minds
Rap UsSimple ePlay my funk
Herbie hancockOlilloqui valley
Pop VarietSimple mindsReal life
Led zeppelinWhen the levee breaks
Pop VarietSimple mindsDon't you (forget about me) (remembered) mix
PleasureCelebrate the good things
Pop VarietSimple plan Generation
Elec. Tech.The criminal mindsBaptised by dub
Bobby byrdHot pants (bonus beats)
Elec. Tech.The criminal mindsBaptised by dub
Run-dmcRun's house
Elec. Tech.The criminal mindsBaptised by dub
Mc dukeI'm riffin'
Elec. Tech.The criminal mindsBaptised by dub
Bizarre incPlaying with knives (quadrant radio mix)
Elec. Tech.The criminal mindsSystems overload
Addis posseLet the warriors dance (funky funky drum drum mix)

Les artistes qui ont samplé Simple minds

Elec. Tech.Holy noiseFather forgive them (trends mix)
Separate minds1st bass
Elec. Tech.2-madDon't hold back the feeling (piano mix)
Separate minds1st bass
Rap UsDonell jonesWaitin on you
Simple mindsAll the thing she said
Pop VarietTears for fearsEmpire building
Simple mindsToday i died again
Elec. Tech.David guettaThe world is mine
Simple mindsSomeone, somewhere in summertime
Elec. Tech.UsuraOpen your mind
Simple mindsNew gold dream
Elec. Tech.SkismRave review
The criminal mindsBaptised by dub

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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