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Les samples de Mayer hawthorne and the county

mayer hawthorne and the county
Pop VarietJohn mayerStill feel like your man
B.b. kingHow blue can you get
Rap UsKanye west feat. john mayerBittersweet poetry
Chairmen of the boardBittersweet
RnB, SoulMayer hawthorneThe news
Gwen mccraeI've got nothing to lose but the blues
RnB, SoulMayer hawthorne and the countyJust ain't gonna work out
Lee dorseyGet out of my life, woman
Rap UsNottz (feat mayer hawthorne) I still love you
Jerry butler Just because i love you

Les artistes qui ont samplé Mayer hawthorne and the county

Rap UsStalleyAssassin
John mayerAssassin

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