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Les samples de Disposable heroes of hiphoprisy

disposable heroes of hiphoprisy
Rap UsDisposable heroes of hiphoprisyCalifornia uber alles
Dead kennedysCalifornia uber alles
Rap UsDisposable heroes of hiphoprisyFamous and dandy
Herbie hancockWatermelon man
Rap UsDisposable heroes of hiphoprisySatanic reverses
Miles davisMiles runs down voodoo
Rap UsDisposable heroes of hiphoprisyTelevision, the drug of the nation
MetersLook-ka py py
Rap UsDisposable heroes of hiphoprisyThe winter of the long hot summer
Wally badarouAyers rock bubble eyes
Rap UsDisposable heroes of hiphoprisyWater pistol man
Words of a mountainLeaving this place
Rap UsGym class heroesClothes off !!
Jermaine stewartWe don't have to take our clothes off
Rap UsGym class heroesCupid's chokehold (girlfriend)
SupertrampBreakfast in america
Rap UsGym class heroesStereo hearts
Skull snapsIt's a new day
Rap UsUgly heroesGod´s day off
Skull snapsIt's a new day
Rap UsUgly heroesGod´s day off
Ohio playersOur love has died
Rap UsUgly heroesGood things die
Dee dee warwickSuspicious minds
Rap UsUgly heroesHeart & soul
Act 1You didn't love me anyhow
Rap UsUgly heroesHero's theme
Thelonious monkRound lights
Rap UsUgly heroesUnderrated (apollo brown remix)
Freda payneCan't wait

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