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Les samples de Daz dillinger

daz dillinger
Rap UsDaz dillingerAmsterdam
Jacques brelAmsterdam
Rap UsDaz dillingerBang bang
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)
Rap UsDaz dillingerBang bang
MohawksThe champ
Rap UsDaz dillingerCutie pie
One wayCutie pie
Rap UsDaz dillingerLow rider
WarLow rider
Rap UsDaz dillingerMr. groove
One wayMr. groove
Rap UsDaz dillingerDogg catcha
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsDaz dillingerNiggaz knooo
Notorious b.i.g.Machine gun funk
Rap UsDaz dillingerBoyz n tha hood
Willie hutchBrothers' gonna work it out
Rap UsDaz dillingerThang on my hip
Act iFriends or lovers
Rap UsDaz dillingerWeek end
Notorious b.i.gBig poppa
Rap UsDaz dillingerDo u know
Michael jacksonHuman nature
Rap UsDaz dillingerDo u think about
ZappBe alright
Rap UsDaz dillingerNuthin' can stop us now
Funkadelic(not just) knee deep
Rap UsDaz dillingerRocc wit dat
Rap UsDaz dillingerRocc wit dat
Freddie jacksonRock me tonight
Rap UsDaz dillingerTha dogg pound gangsta
ZappMore bounce to the ounce
Rap UsDaz dillingerGangsta perogative
Bobby brownMy prerogative
Rap UsDaz dillingerI live every day like i could die dat day
StarpointI got the love
Rap UsDaz dillingerKeep it gangsta
Keith sweatMake it last forever
Rap UsDaz dillinger featMeal ticket
Michael jacksonThe lady in my life
Rap UsDaz dillinger feat johnta austinWeek end
Los angeles negrosMurio la flor
ReggaeDillingerAnswer me question
Slim smithNever let me go
ReggaeDillingerCokane in my brain
People's choiceDo it any way you wanna
Rap UsDr dre & snoop dogg feat nate dogg,daz dillinger &Deeeze nuuuts
Rudy ray moore # bruitage #
Rap UsDr.dre feat snoop dogg & daz dillingerLil' ghetto boy
Kc and the sunshine bandI get lifted

Les artistes qui ont samplé Daz dillinger

Rap UsPoor righteous teachersMiss ghetto
DillingerCokane in my brain
Elec. Tech.BodylotionMassive
DillingerCokane in my brain
Elec. Tech.Massive attackFive man army
Dillinger, trinity, al campbell, wayne wade...Five man army

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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