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Les samples de l'album Play de Moby

Elec. Tech.MobyBody rock
Spoony gee & the treacherous threeLove rap
Elec. Tech.MobyBodyrock
Afrika bambaataa & soulsonic forceLooking for the perfect beat
Elec. Tech.MobyBodyrock
Gang of fourWhat we all want
Elec. Tech.MobyFind my baby
Boy blueJoe lee's rock
Elec. Tech.MobyFlying foxes
Deep forestSweet lullaby
Elec. Tech.Moby Honey
Bessie jones Sometimes
Elec. Tech.MobyIf things were perfect
Willie hutchHospital prelude of love theme
Elec. Tech.MobyMachete
Incredible bongo bandApache
Elec. Tech.MobyMachete
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Elec. Tech.MobyMachete
Tom jonesLooking out my window
Elec. Tech.MobyNatural blues
Vera hallTroubled so hard
Elec. Tech.MobyNatural blues
Coke escovedoI wouldn't change a thing
Elec. Tech.MobyPorcelain
Ernest goldFight for survival
Elec. Tech.MobyRun on
Bill landford & the landfordairesRun on for a long time
Elec. Tech.MobyRun on
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Elec. Tech.MobyThe sky is broken
Creedence clearwater revivalLong as i can see the light
Elec. Tech.MobyWhy does my heart feel so bad ?
The banks brothers and the greater harvest back hoHe'll roll your burdens away
Elec. Tech.MobyWhy does my heart feel so bad ?
Delegate vs. emo-tranceReturn to tasmania

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album Play de Moby

Elec. Tech.Furries in a blenderHoney
Rap UsA$ap rockyA$ap forever
Rap Interna.Dub pistolsGave you time
MobyWhy does my heart feel so bad?

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