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Video replacement

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05/08/2020 19:28

Video replacement

I would like to replace some deleted videos on my submissions, but whenever I click on "Modifier" and insert a new video code, the old code doesn't get updated. Please fix this.

10/08/2020 12:04

Hello, i just tried, it's working fine. You have to change your code, then click on 'Modifier'.

12/08/2020 13:21

It doesn't work for me. I tried to edit this https://www.du-bruit.com/63627-apathy-demonology.html I clicked on "Modifier" to open the "Modifier un sample" form. I replaced the wrong code (3GI2LSJipBI) for Ruby Andrews - Casanvova 70 with a correct one (2jUJsscp4dM), but as soon as I click on "Modifier" to confirm my change the old code reappears.

12/08/2020 16:34

Hello, you were right. There was a bug because of the ' of the title (casanova '70). It's ok now ! Xavier.

12/08/2020 18:42

It works now. Thank you.

22/09/2020 21:53

bravo Cellard

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