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Les samples trouvés par Cellard

'cellardoor - posting the stuff that whosampled doesn't allow'

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Rap UsPeople under the stairsThe grind
Cloud oneDust to dust
Rap UsPeople under the stairsDoctor feelgood
Mötley crüeDr. feelgood
Rap UsRjd2Good times roll pt. 2
Chick willisStoop down 76
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkLeo the ruler
The airmen of notePush
Rap UsInsightAll human
The airmen of notePush
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkWe're gonna prove
The airmen of noteJuan valdez in the country
Rap Interna.QuakersThink i'm finished
Czerwone gitaryRytm ziemi
Rap UsPeople under the stairsHit the top
SweetalkBeachbum burt
Rap UsPeople under the stairsDays like these
SummersongFriend so true
Rap Interna.QuakersLike a drum
The machinesIcebreaker
Rap Interna.Rc noirBeloved
Syl johnsonCould i be falling in love
Rap UsSam spadeBlessed
Jean pierre rampal & claude bollingSentimentale
Rap UsKidd lexusKnuckle sandwich
Clifford coulterWorry 'bout it later
Rap UsPeople under the stairsYou lied
Toncho pilatosTommy lyz
Rap UsPeople under the stairsYo
Rosemary baileyFeel like making love
Rap UsPeople under the stairsFly love song
LemuriaMister u
Rap Interna.QuakersListen
Bruce haackListen
Rap UsPeople under the stairsMontego slay
Ralston stamma haughtonStand up and fight
Rap UsPeople under the stairsParty enemy no.1
Len boogsie sharpePunk party
Rap UsPeople under the stairsTime to rock our shit
Stu phillipsSolitary sanctuary
Rap Interna.QuakersSpeak 2 me
Symphonic fourWho do you think you're fooling (part ii)
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkDial up, dial down
Resurrection bandWaves (introduction)
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkDial up, dial down
Bill doggettHoney boy
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkDial up, dial down
GiantQueen of downs
Rap UsY societyIntro (travel at your own pace)
Ralph carmichael & kurt kaiserWe're on our way
Rap UsApollo brownPropa
Rap UsDon cannonTwitter beat 1
Leroy hutsonWhere did love go
Rap UsThes oneWant you back
The jackson 5I want you back
Rap UsThes oneWant you back
The esso trinidad steel bandI want you back
Rap UsY societyParanoid remix
John klemmerPrecious leaf
Rap UsBoldy james & the alchemistPhone bill
Made in swedenOur man
Rap UsBoldy james & the alchemistPots and pans
Marian vargaVezova hudba
Rap UsBoldy james & the alchemistSlow roll
Brian mayShower scene
Rap UsBoldy james & the alchemistS.n.o.r.t
Sharon cashNature boy
Rap UsBoldy james & the alchemistGrey october
SandroseUnderground session (chorea)
Rap UsBoldy james & the alchemistDon flamingo
Raul porchettoSeis dias con los ojos abiertos
Rap FrOnraLoyalty
Qing shanXīn'ai de ma
Rap FrOnraSend me your love
KashifSend me your love
Rap UsCunninlynguistsTakin' the loss
Elena souliotis & mario del monacoNo, no turiddu
Rap Interna.QuakersShort circuit
Amon düül iiKismet

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