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Les samples trouvés par Cellard

'cellardoor - posting the stuff that whosampled doesn't allow'

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Rap Interna.Lewis parkerCommunications
Mike sammes singersHow much of the dream comes true?
Rap UsApollo brownBrainwash
Marvin gayeSad tomorrows
Rap UsPeople under the stairsThe trip
Rhetta hughesLight my fire
Rap UsSonnyjimArrivederci
High voltageCrazy
Rap Interna.SnowgoonsServe justice
Eva garzaPadre nuestro
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerGreat wonders of 96
Ray conniffGreenfields
Rap UsApollo brownBlack pearls
Armando trovaioliLouise
Rap UsOddiseeClara barton
Black merdaI don't want to die
Rap UsPeople under the stairsLive at the fishbucket (pt. 2)
Olympic runnersPut the music where your mouth is
Rap Interna.SnowgoonsWhite camouflage
Franco micalizziL'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 12)
Rap Interna.Woodlawn warriorsDepend on nobody
Syl johnsonWind, blow her back my way
Rap UsRoc marcianoSweet nothings
The howard lemon singersStop, look, listen to your heart
Rap FrOnraWait a minute
The whispersYou are the one
Rap Interna.Tha 4orceMind that gap (public enemy no.1)
Jack maybornDisco people
Rap UsRapper big poohPromise land (remix)
Melba moorePromised land
Rap UsApollo brownPush
CerroneLa secte de marrakech - 1ère partie
Rap UsApollo brown & o.c.Signs
CerroneLa secte de marrakech - 1ère partie
Rap Interna.Gee bag & downstrokeRoll to the rock
John klemmerFree soul
Rap Interna.KatalystDreaming of you
100% pure poisonBoarding pass
Rap UsT.o.n.yGladiator school
SwitchI wanna be with you
Rap UsRoc marcianoPray 4 me
Wanda robinsonMy father is dying
Rap UsApathyFist of the north star
Cosmos factoryBlackhole
Rap UsThe alchemistJudas
Ice-cold-loveWonderful to be loved
Rap UsThe alchemistE coli
The loversLa prima volta
Rap UsThe alchemistRoman candles
The esquiresListen to me
Rap UsThe alchemistRay mysterio
Paloma san basilioSin saber por que
Rap UsThe alchemistMac 10 wounds
Chocolate watch bandExpo 2000
Rap UsCunninlynguistsWonderful
Rafael cameronIn love
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerBlood in the water
Stefano liberatiShark jazz band
Rap UsApollo brown & skyzooThe flyest essence
Smokey robinson & the miraclesMuch better off
Rap UsCunninlynguistsMiss lady
Os mutantesDia 36
Rap UsCunninlynguistsAmerica loves gangsters
1st national nothingAll this before
Rap UsBig noydThe rules
Harvey scalesLook no further than me
Rap Interna.Sbe audiologist & soulsticeCan you relate
The persuadersThat's the way she is
Rap UsPeople under the stairsThe sound of a memory
Are & beThe sound of the memory of many living people
Rap UsPeople under the stairsWe get around
Rick holmesRemember to remember
Rap UsPeople under the stairsStep off
Laurence harvey & luchi de jesusThe hard stuff
Rap UsDeep rootedDaddy's little girl
John klemmerWhisper to the wind
Rap UsDj skizzThe rules
Harvey scalesLook no further than me
Rap Interna.RhymesterPop life
Harvey scalesLook no further than me

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