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Les samples trouvés par Cellard

'cellardoor - posting the stuff that whosampled doesn't allow'

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Rap UsThe alchemistThe last stage
Slim borguddChain
Rap UsApollo brown & guilty simpsonNasty
The voices of east harlemOh yeah
Rap UsPeople under the stairsTalkin' back to the streets
Rudy normanBack to the streets
Rap UsThe cool kids & the alchemistLayups
Jack mcduffDit da dit
Rap FrOnraThrough the flesh
Shi duo le yueduiKe zhidao shenme shi beishang
Rap UsConwayCrack in the nineties
The facedancersBeta
Rap UsDutchyNo time to be sad
Osmar militoMais cedo ou mais tarde
Rap FrGrems & nozaAutumn 2.0
Lloyd milllerGol-e gandom
Rap UsDutchmassiveRevaporate
Bob jamesFriends
Rap UsDutchmassiveJust me & my walkman
Lou donaldsonPot belly
Rap UsDutchmassiveJust me & my walkman
Bobbi humphreyBlacks and blues
Rap UsDutchmassiveAstral travelling
Pharoah sandersAstral traveling
Rap UsDutchmassiveThe release (breathe easy)
The spinnersI'm tired of giving
Rap UsDutchmassiveLife lines
Wes montgomeryEnd of a love affair
Rap UsDutchmassiveI want her
Stevie wonderThat girl
Rap UsDutchmassiveFar away
Leroy hutsonSituations (instrumental)
Rap UsStep brothersBuzzing away
Barry morgan & ray cooperVoodoo!
Rap UsStep brothersSwimteam rastas
Howard blakeElephant called slowly (reprise)
Rap UsHavoc & the alchemistJust being me
Caribbean torpedoesFreedom ride
Rap UsThes oneDead in the water
Alla pugachevaCome
Rap UsThe alchemistDean martin steaks
Danniebelle hallOrdinary people
Rap UsRoc marcianoThe sacrifice
The ovationsYour love is like a song to me
Rap UsStep brothersBurnt tree
Rap UsStep brothersBurnt tree
ManEmpty room
Rap UsStep brothersBurnt tree
NektarAway from asgard
Rap UsPeople under the stairsChollo dad
Butts bandCorner of my mind
Rap UsCurrensy, freddie gibbs & the alchemistWillie lloyd
Fred bongustoCuore, cosa fai (dal film anonimo veneziano)
Rap UsBoldy james & the alchemistGiant slide
The sweet inspirationsAlways david
Rap UsRoc marcianoTrying to come up
Rap UsCzarfaceWhen gods go mad
Rap UsProdigy & the alchemistMurder goes down
Marc hamiltonC'est que tout va bien
Rap UsThe puristPatina
Lara saint paulSo
Rap UsDurag dynastyTrailer mix
The montclairsAngel
Rap UsGuilty simpsonTestify
Mc5Ramblin' rose
Rap UsRoc marcianoPuff daddy
Fred myrow & malcolm seagraveJody at morningside / just a dream?
Rap UsRoc marcianoPuff daddy
Fred myrow & malcolm seagraveEnd of the game
Rap UsCurrensy, freddie gibbs & the alchemistThe blow
MandalabandLooking in
Rap UsReinLuv still love
Z.z. hillThat ain't the way you make love
Rap UsInfamous mobbSpecial edition
Al banoIo di notte (1979 version)
Rap UsTalib kweliThe venetian
Fashawn & the alchemistAmen

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