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Les samples trouvés par Cellard

'cellardoor - posting the stuff that whosampled doesn't allow'

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Rap UsApollo brownHeaven at last
Truth & devotionHeaven at last
Rap UsThe alchemistGod loves you
The julius brockington ensembleGod loves people
Rap UsJ dillaGet down
Thunder & lightningBumpin' bus stop
Rap UsApollo brown & che noirBlood is thicker (original version)
Lady wrayPiece of me
Rap UsRoc marcianoPeru
Martin scorsese # dialogue #
Rap UsThe alchemistBrother jedidiah
The fountain of life joy choirHe remains the same
Rap UsCzarfaceRock beast
RzaThe empty 7 theme
Rap UsThes oneSummers day (interlude)
Billy cobhamBolinas
Rap UsPeople under the stairsPlay it again / outro
Gary mcfarland & peter smithSalvation army rags
Rap UsRoc marcianoWarm hennessy (dj brans remix)
Rap UsLndn drgsGangsta party
The gap bandBumpin' gum people
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkGet smooth (2005 interlude)
Herbie hancockVein melter
Rap UsThe alchemistEscalier
Roger bellonBlaknite
Rap UsDarkim be allah & endemic emeraldDoing it
The voices of east harlemGiving love
Rap UsApollo brownThe laughter faded
Alex harveyMaxine
Rap UsDamu the fudgemunkOnly one me
Shirley scottFeeling good
Rap UsPeople under the stairsIntro (the om years)
Sammie relfordBrand new man
Rap UsFreddie gibbs & the alchemist1985
Ruben radaEl omnibus
Rap UsRoc marcianoMt. marci
Louise mccordFor those who dream
Rap UsUgly heroesMichael & scottie & horace
The miraclesSpy for brotherhood
Rap UsUgly heroesFair weather
Vitamin eSharing
Rap UsUgly heroesSoul searching
Yuji ohnoWandering days
Rap UsUgly heroesRoles
RaphaelTe estoy queriendo tanto
Rap UsUgly heroesCan't win for losin'
Little miltonBlues get off my shoulder
Rap UsUgly heroesPlace called home
David sancious & toneMove on
Rap UsUgly heroesChoir practice
The j.c. white singersWhen he touched me
Rap UsUgly heroesNotions
Al hudson & the soul partnersFeelings
Rap UsUgly heroesGod's day off (version 2)
Family connectionThis time
Rap UsBudgieTouching me up
Brown sugarLay some lovin' on me
Rap UsInsightWhen are we gonna get it together
Soul liberationChristians by our love
Rap UsFreddie gibbs & the alchemistAll glass
PsigloGente sin camino
Rap UsRoc marcianoIntro - allegories
Pecos kanvasEntrégate
Rap UsOddiseeMeant it when i said it
The headhuntersDon't kill your feelings
Rap UsOddiseeAfter thoughts
Lonnie liston smithA garden of peace
Rap UsRjd2Ghostwriter
Steven grossmanDry dock dreaming
Rap UsLootpackDa antidote
The fatback bandKeep on brother keep on
Rap UsBenny the butcherBurden of proof
Black heatThe jungle
Rap UsApollo brown & guilty simpsonDear jane
The jackson 5Time explosion
Rap UsChaundonMotivation
Black heatSend my lover back
Rap UsApollo brown & skyzooThey parked a bentley on the corner
Truth & devotionHeaven at last

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