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Les samples de l'album The war report de Capone-n-noreaga

Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaBlack gangstas
Gary burtonOlhos de gato
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaBlood money
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaBloody money
Bill contiPhiladelphia morning
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCapone bone
Roy ayers & wayne hendersonStep in to our world
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCapone bone
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaChannel 10
Roy buddM5 (sk 7)
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCloser
SurfaceCloser than friends
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCloser (sam sneed version)
Luther vandrossPromise me
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaCloser (sam sneed version)
New editionA little bit of love (is all it takes)
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaDriver’s seat
Willie hutchDo the thing that’s best for you
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaHalfway thugs
Roger hodgsonOnly because of you
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaIntro
Bill contiPhiladelphia morning
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaIraq (see the world)
Noel pointerNight song
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaL.a. l.a. (kuwait mix)
Al greenThe letter
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaL.a. l.a. (kuwait mix)
Grandmaster flash and the furious fiveNew york, new york
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaLive on, live long
Smokey robinson & the miraclesWho's gonna take the blame
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaPain
Brian bennettGlass tubes
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaScarface
Cho yong-pilMool mang cho
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaStick you
Charles mingusSound of orange
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y.
Walter jacksonSpeak her name
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaThe reserves
Baby hueyCalifornia dreaming
Rap UsCapone-n-noreagaThug's paradise
Rhythm heritageTheme from s.w.a.t

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album The war report de Capone-n-noreaga

Rap FrNess & citéBismillah
Capone -n- noreaga T.o.n.y. (top of new york)
Rap FrOl kainryEn mode nostalgie
Capone -n- noreagaT.o.n.y. (top of new york)
Rap FrDouble pactTout le monde m'aime
Rap FrDouble pact ft dany dan & kery jamesOpération condor
Rap FrKohndoJuste une pause
Rap UsTermanology ft realm reality & artisinCash & hydro
Capone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y. (top of new york)
Rap Fr20 sylJ'exécute
Capone-n-noreagaT.o.n.y. (top of new york)

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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