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Les samples de l'album Lucy ford de Atmosphere

Rap UsAtmosphereAspiring sociopath
Béla bartokPart 3 adagio
Rap UsAtmosphereBetween the line
Jackson 5I am love
Rap UsAtmosphereBetween the lines
Jackson 5 Dancing machine
Rap UsAtmosphereDon´t ever fucking question that
Wilbert longmireJust as long we have love
Rap UsAtmosphereGuns and cigarettes
Cannonball adderleyOh babe
Rap UsAtmosphereIt goes
Ben sidranWalking with the blues
Rap UsAtmosphereLike today
CountsSince we said goodbye
Rap UsAtmosphereMama had a baby and his head popped off
Isley brothersSensuality part 1 & 2
Rap UsAtmosphereParty for the fight to write
Morgana kingLike a seed
Rap UsAtmosphereParty for the fight to write
Steve miller bandShu ba du ma ma ma ma
Rap UsAtmosphereTears for the sheep
Aretha franklinCry like a baby
Rap UsAtmosphereThe woman with the tattooed hands
Lamont dozierBlue sky and silver bird
Rap UsAtmosphereUntitled
Brian enoDriving me backwards

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album Lucy ford de Atmosphere

Rap UsBrother aliBlah blah blah
AtmosphereGuns and cigarettes

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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