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Les samples de l'album For sweet people from sweet charles de sweet charles sherrell

Rap UsCharles hamiltonJapanislike
NasNas is like
RnB, SoulRay charlesYesterday

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album For sweet people from sweet charles de sweet charles sherrell

Rap UsEric b & rakimPaid in full (coldcut remix)
"sweet" charles sherrellSoul man
Rap UsPete rock & cl smoothSoul brother #1
"sweet" charles sherrellSoul man
Rap UsThe firmFirm fiasco
Charles aznavourA ma fille
Rap FrRadikal kroonerzUn jour
Charles aznavourà ma fille
Rap UsShowbiz & a.g.Silence of the lambs (remix)
Charles kynardSomething
Rap UsCypress hillHigh times
Charles kynardWinter's child
Rap FrAlliance ethnikSincérité & jalousie
Charles kynardWinter's child
Rap Us3rd bassDerelicts of dialect
Charles mingusHog callin' blues
Rap FrIamLe soldat
Charles mingusMoanin'
Rap UsSaigonFriends
Charles wrightComment
Rap UsEsta.Indigo
Charles wrightIs it real
Rap FrLa rumeurLive 7
Ray charlesAll to myself alone
Rap UsKgbHeads on
Ray charlesAll to myself alone
RnB, SoulAretha franklinDrown in my own tears
Ray charlesDrown in my own tears
Rap UsTupacSouljah's revenge
Ray charlesHallelujah i love her so
Rap UsD.r.a.mCash machine
Ray charlesHallelujah i love her so
Elec. Tech.GramatikWhile i was playin' fair
Ray charlesLosing hand
Rap UsBeastie boys B-boy bouillabaisse
Sweet Into the night
Rap UsGrand pubaMind your business
Sweet appleSweet apple jam
Rap FrChiens de pailleMa part de songes
Sweet charlesStrangers in the night
Rap UsThe black sunnDawn
Sweet creamPretty little black boy
Rap FrChiens de pailleL'encre de ma plume (feat. mic forcing)
Sweet inspirationsEvery day will be like a holiday
Rap UsSalt-n-pepa Shoop
Sweet inspirationsI'm blue
Rap UsIce cube feat. das efxCheck yo self
Sweet inspirationsI'm blue
Rap UsBlack sheepThe choice is yours
Sweet linda divineI'll say it again

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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