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Les samples de Styles

Rap UsCraig g ft. styles pHeaven & hell
Undisputed truthYou make your own heaven and hell right here on ea
Rap UsDj d-stylesF.u.p.m fuck you pacman
Hugh e mcH-nigga grove
Rap UsDj d-stylesFelonious funk
Ohio playersPride and vanity
Rap UsDj d-stylesMurder faktory
Rap UsDj sya stylesWho drives the car
Herbie hancockRockit (mega mix)
Rap UsGravy & styles pSlap boxing
Bob jamesNautilus
Rap UsJadakiss & styles pIn and out
NasOne love
Rap UsJoey bada$$ ft styles pSuper predator
Tunesville incVoice on the wind
Rap UsJr writer ft styles p & vadoLife in the city
EbonysLife in the country
Rap UsNoreaga & stylesCome thru
Percy faithEarly in the morning
Rap UsStatik selektah feat. sean price, bun b & styles pTop tier
O'jaysA prayer
Rap UsStatik selektah ft. styles pThe thrill is gone
George shearing quintetWhisper not
Rap UsStylesI get high
Freda payneWe've gotta find a way back to love
Rap UsStylesGood times
Freda payneI get high (on your memory)
Rap UsStyles of beyondMany styles
Beastie boysThe new style
Rap UsStyles of beyondMany styles
Style wars # dialogue #
Rap UsStyles of beyondMany styles
Style wars # dialogue #
Rap UsStyles of beyondEasy back it up
Woody hermanPontieo
Rap UsStyles of beyondKiller instinct
SeedsJust let go
Rap UsStyles of beyondMarco polo
Depeche modeLittle 15
Rap UsStyles of beyondMuuvon
ChicGood times
Rap UsStyles of beyondSurvival tactics
Willie boboFried neck bones and home fries
Rap UsStyles of beyondTech nine
Andrew lloyd webberOverture
Rap UsStyles of beyondBe your dog
Iggy pop & the stoogesI wanna be your dog
Rap UsStyles of beyondJourney
JourneySeparate ways (worlds apart)
Rap UsStyles pBeats to my rhyme
Run-dmcBeats to the rhyme
Rap UsStyles p Switch my style
Nat king coleLost april
Rap UsStyles pThe animal
Dr. dreBad intentions
Rap UsStyles pA gangster and a gentleman
Bo hanssonLegend and light
Rap UsStyles pBlack magic
StylisticsMaybe it's love this time
Rap UsStyles pDaddy get that cash
Side effectSpend it on love
Rap UsStyles pListen
Al greenLove and happiness
Rap UsStyles pMy brother
David grusinSt. elsewhere main title
Rap UsStyles pSoul clap
Kool & the gangSoul vibrations
Rap UsStyles pThe life
Aretha franklinThe long and winding road
Rap UsStyles pWe thugs (my niggas)
TotoGood for you
Rap UsStyles pWe still strugglin'
Bunny siglerMy other love
Rap UsStyles pThe myth
Biz markieVapors
Rap UsStyles pLeaving the game
Brenda russellSo good, so right
Rap UsStyles p I'm a g
Hall & oatesEvery time you go away
Rap UsStyles pCrime connection
TotoHold the line
Rap UsStyles pAlone in the streets
Karla bonoffSomeone to lay down beside me
Rap UsStyles pGangster, gangster
Isaac hayesIke's mood i
Rap UsStyles pThe key
Spandau balletNature of the beast
Rap UsStyles pThe struggle
Michael jacksonPeople make the world go round
Rap UsStyles pMake millions from entertainment
O.v. wrightAfflicted
Rap UsStyles pMake millions from entertainment
Doug e fresh & slick rickLa di da di
Rap UsStyles pShadows
Alan parsons projectOld and wise
Rap UsStyles pFavorite drug
Crystal watersGypsy woman (she's homeless)
Rap UsStyles pG-joint
AsiaOnly time will tell
Rap UsStyles pHow we live
PersuadersIf you feel like i do
Rap UsStyles pTestify ft. talib kweli
Billy brooksFourty days
Elec. Tech.Sya stylesCity 3000
Funky 4 + 1Feel it (the mexican)
Rap UsTalib kweli ft greg nice & styles pN.y. shining
MohawksThe champ
Rap UsThe game feat. jadakiss and styles pLast supper
Charles mannSay you love me too

Les artistes qui ont samplé Styles

Rap FrAlLa même chose
Dmx ft 50 cent & styles pShot down
Rap FrBoobaJour de paye
Rick ross feat. styles pBlowin money fast
Rap UsEvil ebenezer ft merkulesSki mask way
Styles p ft sheek louch & eveAnd i came to...

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