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Samples: 54332

Reprises: 2618

Membres: 2257

Les samples de Sequence

Rap UsConsequenceDisperse
RhythmThe world is a place
Rap UsConsequenceDisperse
Crystal watersGypsy woman (she's homeless)
Rap UsConsequenceGrammy family
Lou rawlsYou’ve made me so very happy
Rap UsConsequencePretty little sexy mama
Lamont dozierTrying to hold on to my woman
Rap UsConsequenceThe good, the bad, the ugly
Smokey robinson & the miraclesMickey's monkeys
Rap UsConsequenceWho knew my luck would change
Luther vandrossLove won’t let me wait
Rap UsConsequenceDon't forget em
Milton nascimentoTravessia
Rap UsConsequenceJob song
Bob jamesNautilus
Rap UsConsequenceThe good, the bad, the ugly
Al greenI wish you were here
Rap UsConsequenceI'm v.i.p
Jay-zDirt off your shoulder
Rap UsConsequenceBetter days ahead
The animalsThe house of the rising sun
Rap UsConsequence Nobody
Gladys knight and the pipsWindows raisin granny
Rap UsConsequenceSo soulful
MomentsLove on a two-way street
Rap UsConsequenceTurn ya self in
EmotionsLove is right on
Rap UsConsequenceAnd you say
Grand pubaI like it (i wanna be where you are)
Elec. Tech.HardsequencerIt doesn't loose...
Eric b. & rakimAs the rhyme goes on
Rap UsRell ft kanye west and consequenceReal love
Ronnie fosterMystic brew
Rap UsSequenceFunky sound (tear the roof off)
ParliamentGive up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
Rap UsSpoonie gee meets the sequenceMonster jam
ChicGood times
Rap UsTalib kweli ft consequence1st time
Marvin gayeSoon i'll be loving you again

Les artistes qui ont samplé Sequence

Elec. Tech.SimtecJust getting hot
HardsequencerBrain crash
Rap FrDee nastyNew york is the old school
SequenceFunk you up
Elec. Tech.Massive attackAny love
SequenceFunk you up
Rap UsBoogie down productionsJimmy
SequenceFunk you up
Rap UsDr. dreKeep their heads ringing
SequenceFunk you up
Rap UsGrandmaster flash & the furious fiveThe adventures of grandmaster flash on the wheels
Spoonie gee feat. the sequenceMonster jam
Rap FrAssassinL'égocentrisme de l'assassin
The sequenceLove changes
Rap UsDe la soulThis is a recording 4 living in a fulltime era
The sequenceFunk you up

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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