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Samples: 54990

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Les samples de Toots the maytals

toots  the maytals
ReggaeToots & the maytalsBam bam
Toots & the maytalsRastaman
ReggaeToots & the maytalsLouie louie
Richard berry & the pharaohsLouie louie
ReggaeToots & the maytalsTake me home, country roads
John denverTake me home, country roads
ReggaeToots & the maytalsHard to handle
Otis reddingHard to handle
ReggaeToots & the maytals(i've got) dreams to remember
Otis reddingI've got dreams to remember
ReggaeToots hibbertLove in the rain
Ann peeblesI can't stand the rain

Les artistes qui ont samplé Toots the maytals

ReggaeGeneral levy feat. junior danMonkey man
MaytalsMonkey man
ReggaeAmy winehouseMonkey man
MaytalsMonkey man
ReggaeChaka demus & plierMurder she wrote
Maytals & byron lee & dragonairesBam bam
ReggaeSister nancyBam bam
The maytals and byron lee and the dragonairesBam bam
Rap UsEvidenceThe cold weather
Toots & the maytals54-46 was my number
Pop VarietSonic boom sixMonkey see, monkey do
Toots & the maytalsFunky kingston
Pop VarietSoul coughingDown to this
Toots & the maytalsTime tough
ReggaeThe clashPressure drop
Toots & the maytalsPressure drop
ReggaeToots & the maytalsBam bam
Toots & the maytalsRastaman
ReggaeLucky dubePeace perfect peace
Toots & the maytalsPeace perfect peace
Elec. Tech.Sporto kantesHeart
Toots & the maytals54-46 that's my number
Rap UsFoxy brownOh yeah !
Toots & the maytals54-46, that's my number
Rap UsRebel mcStreet tuff
Toots & the maytals54-46 that's my number
RnB, SoulSally nyoloMessima (imhotep rmx)
Toots & the maytals & byron leeBam bam
Elec. Tech.Zero 7Polaris
Toots thielemans & quincy jonesSoldier in the rain

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