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Les samples de Onra quetzal

onra  quetzal
Rap UsOnraCome closer
Salma aghaCome closer
Elec. Tech.OnraI wanna go back
Claudine longet Love is blue
Rap FrOnraIntroduction
Billy paulIt's too late
Rap FrOnraThe anthem
Billie tam & xu yu百鳥朝鳳(song of the bird)
Rap FrOnraThe vallee of love
Teresa tengShui chang liu (水长流)
Rap FrOnraMai's theme
Chang looHappiness
Rap FrOnraPearl song
Yao su rong傷春怨
Rap FrOnraWhere i'm from
Mei ching li夜空 (night sky)
Rap UsOnraKeep on loving me
WhispersKeep on loving me
Rap FrOnraMoving
ChangeGot to get up
Rap FrOnraMy comet
B.b. & q. bandGenie
Rap FrOnraLet me fantasize
52nd streetSmiling eyes
Rap FrOnraLove triangle
Tyrone brunsonLove triangle (menage mix)
Rap FrOnraNo question
Mac bandThink about me
Rap FrOnraNot long ago
Mac bandYou are my heart
Rap FrOnraSecretly
CenterfoldI didn't know
Rap FrOnraWait a minute
The whispersYou are the one
Rap FrOnraWish i could
La rueWish i could find another
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalAbout you (interlude)
BloodstoneNatural high
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalArt and politics
Curtis mayfieldWe are the people who are darker than blue
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalCaramel dream
Smokey robinson & the miraclesBaby baby don't cry
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalGive something
Creative sourceYou can't hide love
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalGotta have it
Brenton woodI want love
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalIn my place
Dionne warwickPut yourself in my place
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalKofi
Billy paulWhen love is new
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalLet me know
Isley brothersAt your best (you are love)
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalMisunderstood
Nina simoneDon't let me be misunderstood
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalMusic machine
Detroit emeraldsAnd i love her
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalOn a sunny day
Merry claytonLoving grows up slow
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalReady
Betty everettI'm gonna be ready
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalSettle back
Leroy hutsonSo in love with you
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalStop (walk on by)
Dionne warwickWalk on by
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalViva la tristeza
Newcomers(too little in common to be lovers) too much going
Elec. Tech.Onra & quetzalWhat's that ?!? (interlude)
Gil scott-heron and brian jacksonWe almost lost detroit

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