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Les samples de l'album Hip hop is dead de Nas

Rap UsNasBlack republican
Carmine coppolaMarcia religiosa
Rap UsNasBlunt ashes
Marvin gayeMercy, mercy me (the ecology)
Rap UsNasCan't forget about you
Nat king coleUnforgettable
Rap UsNasHip hop is dead
Billy squierThe big beat
Rap UsNasHip hop is dead
Incredible bongo bandIn-a-gadda-da-vida
Rap UsNasHip hop is dead
Mc shanThe bridge
Rap UsNasHip-hop is dead
Incredible bongo bandApache
Rap UsNasHip-hop is dead
Iron butterflyIn-a-gadda-da-vida
Rap UsNasHope (original version)
Friends of distinctionAnd i love him
Rap UsNasLet there be light
Steve miller bandTake the money and run
Rap UsNasLet there be light
Dexter wanselThe sweetest pain
Rap UsNasNot going back
Rap UsNasPlay on playa
Marvin gayeAfter the dance
Rap UsNasStill dreaming
Diana rossThe interim
Rap UsNasStill dreaming
Bill withersUse me
Rap UsNasWhere are they now
James brownGet up, get into it, get involved
Rap UsNasWhere y'all at
NasMade you look
Rap UsNasWho killed it?
Eric b & rakimI ain't no joke
Rap UsNasYou can't kill me
Herbie hancockSly

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album Hip hop is dead de Nas

Rap UsChamillionaireHip-hop warning
NasHip hop is dead
Rap UsCraig mackI heard
NasWhere are they now?

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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