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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Elec. Tech.TideuxK.r.d dreaming
Lee mosesCalifornia dreaming
Elec. Tech.QuantonMusicale armée
Final decisionsYou got to be my woman
Elec. Tech.TideuxYou got
Final decisionsYou got to be my woman
Elec. Tech.TideuxWhat's this song
Brenda hollowayHurt a little everyday
Elec. Tech.TideuxSeven dreams
Katey sagal & the forest rangersStrange fruit
Elec. Tech.TideuxLove one more
Donny hathawayI love you more than you'll ever know
RnB, SoulFontella bassSince i fell for you
Ella johnson with buddy johnson and his bandSince i fell for you
Elec. Tech.TideuxGood men
Them twoAm i a good man
Elec. Tech.TideuxSérotonine
Fenton robinsonYou don't know what love is
Rap Interna.Boy wonderModelky 1
The voices of east harlemJust believe in me
Rap Interna.Boy wonderVyjeb sa ven 2
Mavis staplesWhat happened to the real me
Rap FrTideuxSo much rain
Christine kittrellAin't never seen so much rain before
Rap FrTideuxÀ toute épreuve
Matilda jonesPart of the game
Rap UsKing raWell done
Matilda jonesPart of the game
Rap FrTideuxDrapeau noir
Kim westonYou just don't know
Rap FrTideuxFer de lance
KaleidoscopeOnce upon a time there was a world
Rap FrTideuxRadical
The vincent hayes projectSome kind of fool
RnB, SoulJackie opelFly me to the moon
Kaye ballardIn other words
Elec. Tech.TideuxPlease be true
Jackie opelFly me to the moon
Elec. Tech.TideuxMother earth
Demon fuzzHymn to mother earth
RnB, SoulOtis clayI can't take it
O. v. wrightI can't take it
Elec. Tech.TideuxSitting here
Otis clayI can't take it
Elec. Tech.TideuxThe same room
Otis clayHouse ain't a home (without a woman)
Elec. Tech.TideuxOld dream
Mckinley mitchellSame old dream
Elec. Tech.TideuxNever die
Otis rushYou know my love
Elec. Tech.TideuxBless me
The inspirational singersBless me
Elec. Tech.TideuxMy love
George freemanI'm like a fish
Elec. Tech.TideuxFind human
Mavis staplesSince you became a part of my life
Rap FrPremière lignePrisons de poupées
The communardsC minor
Rap FrPremière ligneLa dèche
DamiaJ'suis dans la dèche
Rap FrPremière ligneLe cap
Don bryantCry baby
Rap FrPremière ligneIi
Little miltonBlues get off my shoulder
Rap FrSkalpelPunchlines de gauchiste
Segments of timeSong to the system
Elec. Tech.AimCold water music
Bob doroughThree is a magic number
Elec. Tech.AimCold water music
Jimmy mcgriffWhere it's at
Rap UsCelph titledInaudible
Al stewartBedsitter images
Rap FrNeko feat almaShlag
Donny hathawayI love you more than you'll never know
Rap FrNeko feat vin-marToujours trop tard
Donny hathawayI believe to my soul
Rap FrLa mine d'orZinzins de l'espace
Michel polnareffHolding on to smoke
Rap FrL'indisJ'y ai cru
Anita wardCan't nobody loves me like you do

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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