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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Pop VarietDestiny's childNasty girl
BaltimoraTarzan boy
Rap UsBig poohMy mind
Bob jamesFeel like making love
Rap UsBig poohWooden wall silverware
Ponderosa twins plus oneBound
Elec. Tech.HithouseMove your feet to the rhythm of the beat
Inner cityGood life
Elec. Tech.DevilfishMan alive
Inner cityGood life
Rap UsNightmares on waxI wish
Judy clay & william bellPrivate number
Elec. Tech.Dust brothersHomework
Lamont dozierTake off your make up
Elec. Tech.Dust brothersHomework
Duke williamsChinese chicken
Pop VarietLed zeppelinBabe i'm gonna leave you
Joan baezBabe i'm gonna leave you
Pop VarietLed zeppelinDazed and confused
Jake holmesDazed and confused
Rap UsFreddie gibbs & statik selektahAlready
KlymaxxConvince me
Rap UsDj shadowClosing credits
Led zeppelinWhen the levee breaks
Rap UsGabriel o pensador2345meia78
ChicGood times
Rap FrMister youLa vie c'est dur (intro)
Love unlimited orchestraLove's theme
Pop VarietMary hopkinThose were the days
Tamara tsereteli & alexander vertinskyDorogoi dlinnoyu
Rap UsSlick rickMoses
Alton ellisSunday coming
Rap UsVerbal kentAhead of it's time
Moment of truthAt long last
Elec. Tech.DustmightzTroubleman
Love unlimited orchestraSomebody is gonna off the man
Rap UsRedmanWelcome 2 gilla house
Archie bell & the drellsStrategy
Rap UsShowbiz & a.g.Medicine
Lou donaldsonOde to billie joe
Rap UsShowbiz & a.g.Medicine
John coriglianoPrimeval landscape (in the isolation chamber)
RnB, SoulKc & the sunshine bandI get lifted
George mccraeI get lifted
Rap Us1st downNo place to go
Kc & the sunshine bandAin't nothin' wrong
Rap UsBig seanCelebrity
Angela bofillThe only thing i would wish for
Rap UsBig seanMy house
Young-holt unlimitedAin't there something money can't buy
Rap UsGhostwridahRed bottoms
Southside movementSave the world
Elec. Tech.Flying lotusMassage situation
Singers unlimitedNature boy
Elec. Tech.T tauriJoy to the world (no felt mix)
Detroit emeraldsYou're getting a little too smart
Rap UsBig seanSo much more
Roger and the human bodyBeen this way before
Rap UsBig seanWait for me
Wilson pickettIt's too late
Pop VarietJerry lee lewisShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Mickey newburyShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Rap UsEpik highSwan song
Anita bakerAngel
Rap UsFrankensteinAll hands
Miles davisWater babies
Rap UsDj premierI don't know
Miles davisWater babies
Rap UsFreddie foxxxThe gang starr bus
Miles davisWater babies
RnB, SoulTavaresIf that's the way you want it
Chuck jacksonIf that's the way you want it
Rap UsRapsodySo be it
Chuck jacksonIf that's the way you want it
Rap UsRapsodyOut tha trunk
Busta rhymesGet you some
Rap UsRapsodySweetest hangover
Diana rossLove hangover
Rap UsRapsodyLemme think
Toni braxtonHow many ways

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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