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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsClyde carsonCrooked
UdellYou're the song
Rap UsThe away teamBad news
Congress alleyGod save america
Rap FrGuizmoMa ruche
Honey coneWant ads
Rap UsJedi mind tricksWilling a destruction onto humanity
José luis rodriguezQuisiera saber por que
Rap UsOuterspaceWritten in blood
Zbigniew preisner (h. van den budenmayer)Concerto en mi mineur
Rap UsDe la soulWhat's more
Lucille brown & billy clarkBoth eyes open
Rap UsCherchHeat it up
Lucille brown & billy clarkBoth eyes open
Rap FrGuizmoAlcool & bédo
Eddie floydCheck me out
Rap FrGuizmoLe premier chagrin du jour
Françoise hardyLe premier bonheur du jour
Pop VarietRay conniff and the singersThe look of love
Dusty springfieldThe look of love
Rap UsMf doomYee haw
Christian chevallierNewscast one / newscast two
Rap UsM.o.p.Fly nigga hill figga
Billy stewartSummertime
Rap UsPete rock & smif-n-wessunDo it
Babe ruthThe mexican
Rap UsRampageNiggaz iz bad
Skull snapsTrespassin'
Rap FrWalter morgan, nekfeu & alpha wannLa science des astres
Mad ladsGet out of my life, woman
Rap FrDj lo'The warm place
Brook bentonRainy night in georgia
Rap FrAlpha wann & nekfeuL'entourage
Marlena shawWaiting for charlie to come home
Rap FrAlpha wann & nekfeuIntro en soum-soum
Quincy jonesSoul bossa nova
Rap FrLe devin & nekfeuLa new old school
Jurassic 5Future sound
Rap FrAlpha wann & nekfeuAux portes du succès
Luther ingram(if loving you is wrong) i don't want to be right
RnB, SoulAlan lorber orchestraThe look of love
Dusty springfieldThe look of love
Rap UsIlla jAll good
Alan lorber orchestraThe look of love
Rap UsThe away teamSee u later
TruthSee you later
Rap UsSav killzJamel rockwell
O.v wrightA fool can't see the light
Rap UsRoyce da 5'9"Security
Etta jamesSecurity
Rap UsPete rock & slum villageDa villa
Otis clayHolding on to a dying love
Rap FrPacoLe mal (intro)
Georges brassensHécatombe
Rap UsA.g.Off the wall
Phyllis hymanI don't want to lose you
Rap UsCheeba gardenHoupa doupa crapola
A tribe called questScenario
Rap UsCheeba gardenWaxed iz da style
Lou donaldsonOde to billie joe
Rap FrT-kaï ceeApparences
Giuseppe verdiLa forza del destino (ouverture)
Rap UsEvidenceGood times
Bill houseBad luck into good times
Rap Us9th wonderSo fine
PleasureMy love
Rap UsTragic alliesHeart break
King floydDon't leave me lonely
Rap UsTragic alliesRiots in the streets
Thelma houstonYour eyes
Rap UsTragic alliesRap quotables
Lee dorseyGet out of my life, woman
Rap UsTragic alliesStory of sadness
Four topsAsk the lonely
Rap UsTragic alliesDrown
Geater davisSweet woman's love
Rap UsTragic alliesFallin' starz
Jean plumLoneliness
Rap UsMind spaceLife is foul
Skull snapsIt's a new day

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