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Les samples trouvés par Gratos


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Rap UsReflection eternalMidnight hour feat. estelle
ShirellesMama said
Rap UsBusta rhymesShow me what you got
Central lineWalking into sunshine
RnB, SoulShuaniseMasudasante naima
Tom scottNaima
RnB, SoulTom scottNaima
John coltraneNaima
Rap UsProdigy of mobb deepBang on 'em
MontclairsDo i stand a chance
Pop VarietSerge gainsbourgMy lady heroïne
Albert ketelbeyIn a persian market
RnB, SoulErykah baduLove
Fabulous soulsTake me
RnB, SoulErykah baduUmm hmm
Ndugu & the chocolate jam factoryTake some time
RnB, SoulErykah baduGone baby, don’t be long
WingsArrow through me
RnB, SoulErykah baduCan’t turn away (get munny)
Sylvia striplinYou can’t turn me away
RnB, SoulErykah baduAgitation
David sanciousJust as i thought
RnB, SoulErykah badu20 feet tall
Wood brass & steelMy darling baby
RnB, SoulErykah baduFall in love (your funeral)
Eddie kendricksIntimate friends
RnB, SoulErykah baduJump in the air
P-funk all stars Hydraulic pump
Rap UsCrown city rockersWithout love feat. zion i
Peter brownWithout love
Rap UsRaashan ahmadIf i
Jon lucienWould you believe in me
Rap UsModillLike that
OrlandivoOnde anda o meu amor
Rap UsLl cool jStarsky and hutch
Peter brownDance with me
Elec. Tech.Clara hillFor your love
Peter brownFor your love
Rap UsDj jazzy jeffGo see the doctor 2k7
Peter brownDo ya wanna get funky with me?
Rap UsCrown city rockersSoul
The brothers johnson"q"
Rap UsPeople under the stairsTrippin' at the disco
Double exposureEveryman
Rap UsPeople under the stairsThe fun
Universal robot bandDance and shake your tamborine
Rap UsPeople under the stairsYouth explosion
Tom scottThe honeysuckle breeze
Rap UsPeople under the stairsThe hang loose
Don thompsonHang loose

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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