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Les samples de Frank mcdonald chris rae

frank mcdonald  chris rae
RnB, SoulBarry white and chris rockBasketball jones
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsBeanie sigel ft freeway & young chrisI can't go on this way
Roy ayersEverybody loves the sunshine
Pop VarietBeat bugs ft chris cornellDrive my car
BeatlesDrive my car
Elec. Tech.Billiweb feat. chris willisSupersonic
DelegationYou & i
Rap UsChris "the glove" taylorReckless
Fab 5 freddyChange the beat
Elec. Tech.Chris anderson and dj robbieLast night
Mar-keysLast night
RnB, SoulChris brownQuestions
Kevin lyttleTurn me on
Rap UsChris brown Run it (remix)
Run-dmcJam master jay
Rap UsChris brown Run it (remix)
Al b. sure!Nite and day
Rap UsChris brownSo glad
Jackson 5It's great to be here
Rap UsChris brown Young love
Blue magicSideshow
Rap UsChris brownDown
4 non blondesWhat's up
Rap UsChris brownTake you down
Michael jacksonIn the closet
Rap UsChris brownTake you down
Michael jacksonIn the closet
Rap UsChris brownTake you down
Justin timberlakeUntil the end of time
Rap UsChris brownWith you
Rap UsChris brownShe ain't you
SwvRight here (human nature mix)
Rap UsChris brownShe ain't you
Michael jacksonHuman nature
Rap UsChris brownBrown skin girl
ChicagoYou're the inspiration
Pop VarietChris cornellBillie jean
Michael jacksonBillie jean
Rap UsChris crack x treeCuts
Bettye swannTell it like it is
Elec. Tech.Chris james (house) Panic at the bar mitzvah
Non phixionBlack helicopters
Elec. Tech.Chris malinchakIf u got it
Altern 8 # bruitage #
Rap UsChris orrickLazy buddies
Billy paulThere's a small hotel
Rap UsChris orrickMom
Eddie kendricksIntimate friends
Rap UsChris rockYour mother got a big head
FunkadelicYou and your folks, me and my folks
Rap UsChris rock ft. odbMe & odb
Average white bandPick up the pieces
Pop VarietChris thompson and josh fuApplause
Lady gagaApplause
Rap UsChris travisLights off
George michaelFastlove
Rap UsChris travisLet me flex
Yasunori mitsudaStar-stealing girl
Rap UsChris travisYellow diamonds
Pop VarietChris tuckerRuby rap
Lionel richieAll night long (all night)
Rap UsChris webberGangsta! gangsta! (how u do it)
Laid backWhite horse
Rap UsChris webberNeed somebody
Kool & the gangSummer madness
Rap UsChris webbyJust dance
Lady gagaJust dance
Rap UsChris webbyFinally moving
Pretty lightsFinally moving
Rap UsChris webbyI need dollar
Aloe blaccI need dollar
Rap UsChris webbyBrim low
Collie buddzBlind to you
Rap UsChris webbyI'm fresh
Lloyd banksBeamer, benz or bentley
Rap UsChris webbySpinnin'
Kylie minogueIn your eyes
Rap UsChris webbyStranger
DoorsPeople are strange
Rap UsChris webbyWhat good am i
Dinah washingtonThis bitter earth
Rap UsChris webbyWon't let you go
David guettaLove don't let me go
Rap UsChris webby La la la
AtcAll around the world
Rap UsChris webbyJust can't kill the beast
EaglesHotel california
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
Tom kenny # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
Christine cavanaugh # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
David kaye # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
Depeche modeStripped
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
Andy milonakisThe andy milonakis show theme song
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
Will smith, james avery and armelia mcqueen # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
ClaudestultusGravity faaf
Elec. Tech.Chris†††Ytp death
HomepikeDexter's dad reads a porno
Elec. Tech.Dim chris & thomas goldSelf control
RafSelf control
Elec. Tech.Dj frankDiscotex
Anita meyerWhy tell me, why
Rap UsEmilio rojas ft chris webbySeek you out
Blue foundationEyes on fire
Rap UsFabolous ft chris brownShe wildin
Nas & braveheartsOochie wally
Pop VarietFrank bennettMoney
Pink floydMoney
Pop VarietFrank bennettCreep
Pop VarietFrank bennettThe way you make me feel
Michael jacksonThe way you make me feel
Pop VarietFrank bennettWith or without you
U2With or without you
Elec. Tech.Frank de wulfReforced
KraftwerkIt's more fun to compute
Elec. Tech.Frank de wulfReforced
Elec. Tech.Frank de wulfThe original
KraftwerkPocket calculator
RnB, SoulFrank oceanLost
Johnny depp (raoul duke) # dialogue #
RnB, SoulFrank oceanStart
SonyPlaystation start-up
RnB, SoulFrank oceanAmerican wedding
EaglesHotel california
RnB, SoulFrank oceanBitches talkin
RnB, SoulFrank oceanLovecrimes
Nicole kidman # dialogue #
RnB, SoulFrank oceanNature feels
MgmtElectric feel
RnB, SoulFrank oceanStrawberry swing
ColdplayStrawberry swing
RnB, SoulFrank sinatraFly me to the moon
Kaye ballardIn other words
Pop VarietFrank sinatraA day in the life of a fool
Luiz bonfáManha de carnaval
Pop VarietFrank sinatraIf you go away
Jacques brelNe me quitte pas
Pop VarietFrank sinatraMrs. robinson
Simon & garfunkelMrs. robinson
Pop VarietFrank sinatraMy way
Claude françoisComme d'habitude
Pop VarietFrank sinatraYesterday
Pop VarietFrank sinatraDowntown
Petula clarkDowntown
Pop VarietFrank sinatraStrangers in the night
Bert kaempfertStrangers in the night
Rap UsGame ft chris brownPot of gold
Rap UsGangsta boo ft chris travisMoney on my mental
Shirley basseyDiamonds are forever
Rap UsJay-z ft frank oceanCaught their eyes
Nina simoneBaltimore
Rap UsKanye west feat. frank oceanNew slaves
OmegaGyöngyhajú lány
Rap UsKid ink ft chris brownShow me
Robin sShow me love
Rap UsLumidee ft chris rivers & mike streetNo one
Enoch lightA little fugue for you and me
Rap UsMichael mcdonaldYou are everything
StylisticsYou are everything
Elec. Tech.Nostrum & frank künneDon't you want me
Felix da housecatDon't you want
Pop VarietPatti labelle michael mcdonaldOn my own
AndreaOn my own
Rap UsQuelle chrisPendulum swing
SafamBread of affliction
Rap UsQuelle chris & rah diggaJanis joplin
ArcLet your love run through
RnB, SoulRihanna ft chris brownNobody's business
Michael jacksonThe way you make me feel
Pop VarietRochelle diamante & chris thompsonWrecking ball
Miley cyrusWrecking ball
Rap UsSha stimuli ft freeway & young chrisMove back
Laura leeTwo lovely pillows
Rap UsThe game ft lil wayne & chris brownF.i.v.e.
Thelma houstonDon't know why i love you
Rap UsThe throne feat. frank oceanNo church in the wild
Phil manzaneraK-scope
Rap UsThe throne feat. frank oceanNo church in the wild
Spooky toothSunshine help me
Elec. Tech.Will.i.am feat. chris brownLet's go
Arty & mat zoRebound
Rap UsYoung chris & cardiakS-class
MfsbMorning tears

Les artistes qui ont samplé Frank mcdonald chris rae

Rap FrRevolution urbaineLa provence
Bernadette farrell & frank brownsteadChrist, be our light
Rap Fr5 majeurJour de pluie
Chris (emile hirsch) # dialogue #
Rap UsThe firmPhone tap
Chris barberPetite fleur
Rap UsCarl thomas ft faith evansEmotional
Chris barberPetite fleur
Pop VarietFaith evans & carl thomasCan't believe
Chris barberPetite fleur
Rap FrLa brigadeMême si ça paie pas
Chris barberPetite fleur
Rap UsCharles hamiltonThe penthouse elevator
Chris brownAin't no way (you won't love me)
Rap UsJedi mind tricksIncantatrix (interlude)
Chris carter # dialogue #
Rap FrPit baccardiTraffic d'influence
Chris de burghJust in time
Rap FrLalckoStreets of paris
Chris de burghA rainy night in paris
Rap UsCagePublic property
Chris de burghCarry (reprise)
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNever know why?
Chris de burghOld fashioned people
Rap FrAlgerinoOn est là
Chris de burghShadows and lights
Pop VarietSandraSeal it forever
Chris de burghLady in red
Rap FrNeg'marronsCa dégénère
Chris de burghI'm counting on you
Rap UsBeatnutsStory
Chris hinze combinationEasy answering
RnB, SoulWilson pickettLand of 1000 dances
Chris kennerLand of 1000 dances
Pop VarietLittle richardLand of a thousand dances
Chris kennerLand of 1000 dances
Elec. Tech.Fatboy slimStar 69
Chris mccormackFlight decimator
Rap UsVakillEndless road
Chris reaDo you still dream
Elec. Tech.SuperfunkLucky star
Chris reaJosephine
Pop VarietKylie minogueLove at first sight
Chris reaJosephine
Rap FrMystikAinsi va la vie
Chris reaLittle blonde plaits
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Someone's second kiss
Chris reaLittle blonde plaits
Rap FrVarious artists6 minutes
Chris reaLittle blonde plaits
Elec. Tech.DinkaOn the beach
Chris reaOn the beach
Rap UsRaekwonJury
Chris spheerisAndalu
Rap UsRaekwonTable
Chris spheerisField of tears
Rap UsRaekwonLive from new york
Chris spheerisEros
Elec. Tech.Chemical brothersHot acid rhythm 1
Chris squireSafe (canon song)
Rap FrGeorgioMa réalité
Chris vrennaMain theme
Rap FrMinistère ÄmerLe savoir
Chris walas # dialogue #
Rap FrJazzkor?
Frank alamoIl y avait toi
Rap UsPsycho realmLove letters intro
Frank booth (dennis hopper) # dialogue #
Rap UsLil' kimSpend a little doe
Frank chacksfield & orchestra50 ways to leave your lover
Rap FrOdezenneMeredith
Frank churchillBaby mine
Rap UsDj shadowIn/flux
Frank fosterThe loud minority
Elec. Tech.Fatboy slimAcid 8000
Frank klepackiCrush
Pop VarietWhite zombieRatfinks, suicide tanks and cannibal girls
Frank klepackiWorkmen
Rap UsOuterspaceFire and ice
Frank laloggia & david spearThe christening
Rap FrBoobaD.u.c
Frank lee whiteRide out
Rap UsRoc marcianoL.i. (stand up)
Frank mcdonaldNight moves
Rap UsCormegaR u my nigga
Frank mcdonaldNight moves
Rap Interna.Tres coronasTraiciones
Frank mcdonaldNight moves
Rap UsE-money bagsHeads off
Frank mcdonaldNight moves
Rap UsHigh & mightyIn-outs
Frank mcdonaldNight moves
Rap UsEl-p ft aesop rock & ill billDelorean
Frank mcdonald & chris raePower surge
Rap UsThe beatnuts feat. the nogoodusRated r
Frank mcdonald and chris raeBlue mood
Rap FrLucio bukowskiFrank michael
Frank michaelAime-moi comme je t'aime
Pop VarietBastille feat. ric elsworth and o.n.e.Thinkin' ahead
Frank oceanThinkin bout you
Rap UsMick jenkinsBarcelona
Frank oceanThinkin bout you
Rap Us7l & esoteric feat uno the prophetTouchy subject (intro)
Frank ricottiVibes
Rap UsCypress hillSteel magnolia
Frank serpico (al pacino) # dialogue #
Pop VarietEnoch light singersMy way of life
Frank sinatraMy way of life
Rap UsForeign beggarsInterlude
Frank sinatraA day in the life of a fool
Pop VarietIsabel pantojaA mi manera
Frank sinatraMy way
Elec. Tech.OsymysoIntro-inspection
Frank sinatraMy way
Pop VarietDread zeppelinMy way
Frank sinatraMy way
Pop VarietPaul ankaMy way
Frank sinatraMy way
Pop VarietClaude françoisMy way
Frank sinatraMy way
Rap Interna.HősökMindörökké
Frank sinatraIt was a very good year
Rap UsLogicOne
Frank sinatraIt was a very good year
Rap FrMadison le bourreau & chrysto le barbareVictime du rap
Frank sinatraWhen i'm not near the girl i love
RnB, SoulBlu cantrellHit 'em up style (oops!)
Frank sinatraThe boys' night out
Rap FrIguan & highchiefRien ne va
Frank sinatraMoon river
Rap UsDemigodzUnder my skin
Frank sinatraI've got you under my skin
Rap UsJay-zEmpire state of mind
Frank sinatraTheme from new york, new york
Elec. Tech.Kazey & bulldogSweet pauline
Frank skiWhores in this house
Rap FrFonky familyEsprit de clan
Frank stallonePeace in our life
Rap Interna.Asiatic warriorsTake it back
Frank stalloneTake you back
Rap UsSauce moneyFor my hustlaz
Frank stalloneFar from over
Rap FrKayna sametSortez moi de cette impasse
Frank stalloneMoody girl
Rap Interna.Lewis parkerThe big gamble
Frank sterling big bandWhispering giant
Rap UsNecroButcher knife
Frank strazzeriCloudburst
Pop VarietPink floydIs there anybody out there ?
Frank sutton, roy stuart # dialogue #
Pop VarietPink floydNobody home
Frank sutton, roy stuart # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.TideuxThe chance
Frank van der klootHeaven is across the street i
Rap UsEvidenceSo fresh (step brothers)
Frank vandenklootYou got me doing things
Rap UsMf doomBeef rap
Frank zappaWould you like a snack
Rap UsMf doomGumbo
Frank zappaWould you like a snack
Rap UsMf doomGumbo
Frank zappaHoliday in berlin, full blown
Rap UsMadvillainMeat grinder
Frank zappaSleeping in a jar
Elec. Tech.Deus W.c.s. (first draft)
Frank zappa Little umbrellas
Rap UsU-godTrain tussle
Frank zappaPeaches en regalia
Rap UsBlack moonAct like u want it
Frank zappaSon of mr.greene genes
Rap UsIll bill feat. q-uniqueDon't touch that dial
Frank zappaI'm the slime
Rap UsArsonistsFat laces
Frank zappaI'm the slime
Pop VarietShinki chenFarewell to hypocrites
Frank zappa & the mothers of inventionInvocation & ritual dance of the young pumpkin
Rap UsBinary starIndy 500
George buck flower (drifter) & keith david (frank) # dialogue #
Rap FrLe rat lucianoLe jeu
Grand master caz & chris steinSubway theme
Rap UsDrakeBest i ever had
Hamilton, joe frank & reynoldsFallin' in love
Pop VarietSandy dennyMilk and honey
Jackson c. frankMilk and honey
Pop VarietNick drakeMilk and honey
Jackson c. frankMilk and honey
Pop VarietBonnie dobsonMilk and honey
Jackson c. frankMilk and honey
Pop VarietKaren elsonMilk & honey
Jackson c. frankMilk and honey
Pop VarietMichael jacksonSmooth criminal
James ingram & michael mcdonaldYah mo b there
Rap UsFreewayThis is it
Kenny loggins & michael mcdonaldThis is it
Rap FrKlub des loosersAu commencement
Mcdonald and gilesBirdman
Rap UsUgly ducklingBang for the buck
Mcdonald and gilesBirdman: the workshop
RnB, SoulTateIn your world
Michael mcdonaldI keep forgetting
Elec. Tech.SolomunLove recycled 1
Michael mcdonaldI keep forgettin'
Rap UsJadakissKiss is spittin
Michael mcdonaldI keep forgettin
Rap UsWarren gRegulate
Michael mcdonaldI keep forgettin'
Pop VarietPrimal screamLoaded
Peter fonda(heavenly blues), frank maxwell(prêtre) # dialogue #
Rap UsRun-dmcThe kings
The chris warren bandD-generation x

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