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Les samples de Elzhi

Rap UsElzhiDeep (sourface remix)
King floydDon't you leave me lonely
Rap UsElzhiIt ain't hard to tell
MountainLong red
Rap UsElzhiIt ain't hard to tell
Michael jacksonHuman nature
Rap UsElzhiAudio cinematic
PoliceEvery little thing she does is magic
Rap UsElzhiContra feat. danny brown
Barbara lynnI'm a good woman
Rap UsElzhiThe great
Peter gabrielHere comes the flood
Rap UsElzhiD.e.m.o.n.s.
Led zeppelinNo quarter
Rap UsElzhiSave ya
Dino & semballoHelpless
Rap UsElzhiTalking in my sleep
Royal flushWorld wide
Rap UsElzhiTalking in my sleep
Big daddy kaneAin't no half-steppin'
Rap UsElzhiTalking in my sleep
Boogie down productionsBlackman in effect
Rap UsElzhiTalking in my sleep
Krs-oneI can't wake up
Rap UsElzhiThe science
Mc shanThe bridge
Rap UsElzhiTransitional joint
Dionne warwickDon't let my teardrops bother you
Rap UsElzhiCheckmate
MarvelettesMy baby must be a magician
Rap UsElzhiUnfinished stories
Marvin gayeMercy, mercy me (the ecology)
Rap UsElzhiGoin' out
Bob jamesI feel a song (in my heart)
Rap UsElzhi & slum villageThat's that one
John lennonJealous guy
Rap UsElzhi feat. dweleSomeone as real as her
Gábor szabóThe lady in the moon

Les artistes qui ont samplé Elzhi

Rap UsEvil ebenezer ft merkulesSki mask way
ElzhiIt ain't hard to tell
Rap UsHodgy beatsChris sawyer
ElzhiLook at my friends

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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