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Les samples de l'album A piece of strange de Cunninlynguists

Rap UsCunninlynguistsAmerica loves gangsters
1st national nothingAll this before
Rap UsCunninlynguistsBeautiful girl
Rap UsCunninlynguistsBeautiful girl
EpmdJane ii
Rap UsCunninlynguistsBrain cell
Wu-tang clanC.r.e.a.m.
Rap UsCunninlynguistsBrain cell (intro)
Rap UsCunninlynguistsBroken van (thinking of you)
Leon russellManhattan island serenade
Rap UsCunninlynguistsCaved in
Hugh masekelaStimela
Rap UsCunninlynguistsCaved in
Kanye westTwo words (feat. mos def & freeway)
Rap UsCunninlynguistsClose your eyes
Colin blunstoneThough you are far away
Rap UsCunninlynguistsCocaine
BlowflyThe first black president
Rap UsCunninlynguistsDamnation
Rap UsCunninlynguistsDamnation
Ill biskitsGod bless your life
Rap UsCunninlynguistsDon't leave
BeatlesThe long and winding road
Rap UsCunninlynguistsDon't leave me (when winter comes)
FreshWhen the winter comes
Rap UsCunninlynguistsHellfire
Arthur brownFire
Rap UsCunninlynguistsHellfire
NasAffirmative action
Rap UsCunninlynguistsHourglass
Brenda leeEverybody loves me but you
Rap UsCunninlynguistsHourglass
The countsLove sign
Rap UsCunninlynguistsHypnotized
Heavy metal kidsRun around eyes
Rap UsCunninlynguistsInhale (interlude)
Lenny whiteThe great pyramid
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNever come down (the brownie song)
Jimi hendrixLittle wing
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNever come down (the brownie song)
The raquet squadYou turn me on
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNever come down (the brownie song)
The raquet squadLittle wing
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNever know why?
Chris de burghOld fashioned people
Rap UsCunninlynguistsNothing to give
GarfieldPrivate affair
Rap UsCunninlynguistsRemember me
Shawn phillipsThe ballad of casey deiss
Rap UsCunninlynguistsRemember me (abstract/reality)
Reflection eternalMove somethin'
Rap UsCunninlynguistsSince when
Terry reidLoving time
Rap UsCunninlynguistsTear tracks
Joaquin rodrigoAdagio
Rap UsCunninlynguistsThe distance
Philip glassKoyaanisqatsi
Rap UsCunninlynguistsThe gates
Bill withersI can't write left handed
Rap UsCunninlynguistsThe gates
Rap UsCunninlynguistsThe park (blue sky black death remix)
Ohio playersFunky worm
Rap UsCunninlynguistsTo be for real
EnchantmentOasis of love
Rap UsCunninlynguistsWhat'll you do
MelanieLeftover wine
Rap UsCunninlynguistsWhere will you be
George bensonEl mar
Rap UsCunninlynguists feat. e-40 & evidenceRunning wild
Evie sandsOne thing on my mind

Les artistes qui ont samplé l'album A piece of strange de Cunninlynguists

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