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Sample de Take drugs - Gangrene

- Rap Us -

Titre:Take drugs
Album:Gutter water  [2010]

Artiste:Alpha ralpha
Album:S.t.  [1977]

Merci à kennedy pour l'insertion (05-07-2012).

just the outro of the track

Nice find !!! [06-07-2012]
did you dig the whole album ? [06-07-2012]
Yes thats a great prog album man [06-07-2012]
I guess ! ALC & Oh No dig deep and they're not sampling shitty records ! Man if you got the time i suggest to dig Ralph Lundsten disco (http://bit.ly/N4fE6N) i'm too busy to do it but i think somebody sampled one of his songs: amazing stuff & covers... peace and respect man [06-07-2012]

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