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Sample de End of days - Vinnie paz

- Rap Us -

Titre:End of days
Artiste:Vinnie paz
Album: season of the assassin  [2010]

Titre:Beyond the cutting edge
Artiste:David icke
Album:Beyond the cutting edge  [2008]

Merci à wicked pour l'insertion (23-12-2010).

the greatest form of control is when you think you're free when you're being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. one form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them.

The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can't see the bars but you think you're free. What the human race is suffering from is mass hypnosis. We are being hypnotized by people like this: newsreaders, politicians, teachers, lecturers. We are in a country and in a world that is being run by unbelievably sick people. The chasm between what we're told is going on and what is really going on is absolutely enormous. [23-12-2010]
The greatest hypnotist on the planet Earth is an oblong box in the corner of the room. It is constantly telling us what to believe is real. If you can persuade people that what they see with their eyes is what there is to see you've got them. Because they'll laugh in your face of an explanation then which portrays the big picture of what's happening... and they have. [23-12-2010]

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